Thursday, 27 November 2008

Big book of Crochet

This is my second birthday book. Big Book of Crochet (click on blog title for link) It has 120 projects tucked between it's covers. A lot of afghans and baby blankets, some baby clothes and bibs, a couple of hats, scarves and shawls, some novelty items and bookmarks, cushions, a few garments and even some doilies for those of you so inclined. I have put a few photos up today but there as so many, many more. Definitely a book for those who love afghans and blankets. Once again apologies for the sometimes fuzzy photography. I seem to have developed a very shaky camera hand.

I went to the hospital yesterday. An interesting journey by public transport highlighted by going on a scenic bus ride through war torn boarded up parts of Salford that I didn't know existed. After losing the will to live I eventually arrived at the hospital an hour or so after setting off from Manchester. I obviously chose the wrong bus as it is only a few minutes down the road usually. Luckily I had started off really early so I arrived to keep my appointment by a whisker.

Coming back was equally as interesting as my metro tram broke down and we all had to get off and watch the pantomime of the tram being rescued and shunted off somewhere. I managed to get a seat on the next tram (it was now rush hour) and was holding on to the rail as I was on one of those flip up seats for the elderly by the doors when this handsome young man put his hand on the rail and held my hand for a split second. Of course, he did it accidentally, but as I explained to him that I was very flattered at my age for my hand to be held, even for a split second, by such a handsome young man and we had a bit of a giggle about it.

My hospital appointment was enlightening as I got to see the x rays of my spine adorned with it's new finery. The screws were a lot larger than I had imagined and I now understand why I have this trouble with bending to get into a car as three of my vertebrae are now acting as one. the specialist did say that this will improve now I am fit enough to start some gentle exercise. He had to strip some the muscles in my back to perform the operation and that is what I will need to build up again. He said slowly but surely I will regain more mobility in my spine. He said I can never jog, do star jumps, trampoline. sky dive or bungee jump ever again. Now how did he know that was on my list of absolute musts? Yeah right! I am limited to water aerobics for the present time so have applied to rejoin the B.E.A.T.S programme for a monitored exercise regime.

I am being referred to a knee specialist. if you remember several weeks ago I injured my knee retrieving a crochet hook from under my coffee table. At the time A&E said they could see nothing wrong and told me to go home rest, elevate and put ice on it. The specialist yesterday looked at my X rays, examined the knee and announced that in his opinion I had torn my cartilage. That's me isn't it. I don't do things by halves.

No crochet or knitting to report on today as I was treated to a lovely cake and coffee by Vicky for my birthday treat. We went to Slattery's. If you are ever in my area I suggest that you give them a visit. They have the most wonderful selection of chocolates, chocolate novelties,wines, chutneys, jams and cakes in the shop downstairs. I am going to have to pay another visit and browse for some Christmas presents. Slattery's is famous for making several celebrities wedding cakes and one of the Royals if I remember rightly. I know that they definitely made Wayne Rooney's wedding cake.


Mad about Craft said...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I'm sorry you've had to let Buster go back to your son's but I can see the reason why very clearly.

I am glad to see you are enjoying your crochet books.

I wouldn't have been surprised if you had said you had ended up in Blackpool knowing the transport system and road signage around Manchester.

Zuleika said...

Nice book, and I love those bookmarks. :-)
Looks like you are surely have a lot of projects to choose from!

You trip to the doctor and back sounds interesting. I probably would have lost the will to live as well. lol
Sounds like you're on the mend, slowly but surely. :-)
Hope the knee problem won't involve surgery to fix it. I think you've had enough surgery to last you a lifetime! ;-)

Now, now, flirting with young men on your little trip huh!Oh well, gotta get your kicks somehow. lol