Friday, 21 November 2008

My baby is back home

As you can see Buster is back home but it may be only temporary. He barely knew me when he came through the door. Not the ecstatic welcome I had been expecting. He is not settling and was glued to the window looking for my son to come back and get him until it went dark and I closed the curtains. As you can see from his face he is a sad doggy.

I took him for a walk this afternoon and although he seemed to remember where everything was he was a very subdued dog. None of the excitement that he used to show chasing a stick and paddling in the stream. He did all of these things but seemed rather lack lustre. I think he misses having my son's dog Skye to walk and play with him. He just plodded along behind me instead of dashing ahead with his tail pluming as he used to.

I have him until Sunday so I will have to see how he is for the next couple of days. I was looking forward to having him home again but I don't want him to be miserable. I think he prefers to be in a family home with another dog.

Crochet is progressing slowly as I have been preoccupied getting to know Buster once again. I am knitting in between the crochet to rest the wrist, I have started the February sweater which is an adult version of Elizabeth Zimmerman's baby matinee. Nothing much to show at the moment as I am on the garter stitch yolk and the work is bunched up on the needles as it is worked from the top down. I can't knit on circular needles so I think the stitches are going to get very cramped before I increase to the correct amount of stitches.


Zuleika said...

Oh now, how disappointing! I know how much you loove Buster, so this must be pretty hard. If he doesn't settle will he go to live with your son?

Cat said...

Sorry about your pup - my heart would break if one of my four would not jump for joy at seeing me. Hopefully he is more in tune with resting rather than the other...

Yes, I did get the book and I am sooooo thrilled! Thank you for turning me on to it. So many sweater, so little time!