Thursday, 6 November 2008

Ladyfest in Manchester

Not much to report on the knitting front. I have done a few more rows on the aran and started my first pair of mens socks. I don't know why the wool looks so fluffy on the photo as it doesn't appear that way to me when I am knitting with it.

I am hoping to go to this craft festival this weekend. I am putting the details on here in case anyone is interested in it.

A craft event including workshops, an exhibition and sale will be taking place on Saturday the 8th and Sunday 9th Novemberas part of Ladyfest Manchester. Workshops include hand spinning yarn, basketry, embroidery, felting, dressmaking, knitting and crochet. The exhibition has some exciting contemporary craft including handmade toys, knitted pumps and includes beautiful collages and paintings by artist Lisa Marsh. There will be a range of crafty items for sale, including hand spun yarns, knitted bags and colourful sewing machine covers.

This is an informal event and everyone is welcome. There will be a knit circle all day Saturday and Sunday, 12pm-5pm.Details:Kate Heppell from and

Craft Mafia will be doing a workshop on hand spinning yarn (8th 2pm-3pm). Kate will be selling and displaying her hand spun yarns. (8th and 9th).

Sculptor Louise Woodcock will be demonstrating simple basketry techniques with unconventional materials to make weird and wonderful shapes (8th 3pm-4pm). Louise will be displaying her work. (8th and 9th).

There will also be embroidery with Liz Kenny (8th 12pm-1pm), felting by Alison Cooper (9th 1pm-2pm) plus crochet, knitting (8th and 9th 12pm-5pm) and a dressmaking workshop (9th 2pm-3pm). There will be some equipment and materials to borrow but would be helpful to bring some along if possible.

Selina from Candypop (Afflecks) will be selling colourful hand made items such as bags and sewing machine covers, as well as displaying her hand embroidered Ladyfest fliers from around the globe. (9th)

Candy (Knit and Destroy) will be displaying her wonderful knitted pumps and selling knitted bags and scarves. (8th and 9th)There will also be handmade toys on display from Harriot (8th and 9th) and Claire Walls (Craft Mafia) will be selling and displaying her crafty wares. (8th and 9th)As part of LADYFEST MANCHESTER Festival

Weekend Tickets from £5 - Zion Arts Centre, 335 Stretford Road, Hulme, Manchester, M15 5ZA. 0161 2261912

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June said...

Hope you manage to get to the Ladyfest. It sounds just me cup of tea and I wish I didn't live so far away, so that I could go with you.