Saturday, 29 November 2008

Knitting New Mittens and Gloves

One of my books from Amazon arrived today. I was ordering books and a DVD for Christmas presents when my hand accidentally hovered and then pressed add to basket on a couple of books for myself. My Tapestry Crochet book is still to arrive but this one came today. Knitting New Mittens and Gloves by Robin Melanson (click on Blog title for more details)My excuse it that the pair of lacy gloves on the front cover would be ideal, in black, for my daughter in law and there are several others in there that would suit her also. Not that there is any in there for me - Hee hee.I do lie so beautifully at times!

The last photo is my birthday pressie from Vicky. I shall enjoy the heady perfume of the Lush shower gel and reading my quote of the day from Stephanie Pearl McPhee in 2009.

My crochet progressed a little more last night and I am on the second sleeve now. The February sweater is progressing also and now has one completed sleeve and a couple of patterns on the second. I really like this and am tempted to finish it for my Christmas sweater and make the intended person something else as a gift. Well it not as if she knew it was for her and I will have balls of wool in the same colour left over! I had debated between 2 patterns for her anyway so I will just make her the other one. I am in a naughty mood this week. First I add books for me to my Amazon order and now I am high jacking presents! Turning 63 hasn't done me any good at all!

I am hoping to go to the Knitty Noras knitting club tomorrow and thankfully I have a lift as our group usually take any new books to the club so that everyone can have a browse. I will have 5 to take so would be rather loaded up on public transport.


Crobbles said...

OOH, please bring the mitten book to the Knit Out. It looks wonderful.

Zuleika said...

Well Christmas sure came early for you! lol Don't worry, we won't tell you're hijaccking presents. ;-)