Tuesday, 25 November 2008

21 Today!

I'm 21 today, 21 today, I've got the key of the door, never been 21 before. Well that's a lie for a start I have been 21 twice already and had the key of the door for a long time and now I am 21 for a third time. Next time I am 21 it will be for the 4th time and I will be 84 so I might not be blogging then. Technology will have moved on and we will all be using something else. I come from a line of long living women on both sides of the family so unless fate intervenes I hope to he around bugging you until at least my 90's. You poor things!

My brother has called and thankfully I had showered and got dressed before he arrived but he did, of course, catch me with my breakfast dishes unwashed and the hoover out. Why do people never call when the house is all straight? He managed to get his foot in my trailing red wool so the February sweater almost lost a few rows. The photo is of the sleeve. I hate circular needles so am re-jigging the sweater and doing the sleeves first and seaming them rather than having to pick them up and knit circular as per the pattern. Those of you who know me well know I never do anything the "right" way.

My brother brought me these 2 crochet books and a CD of Alan Jackson,who I really like, for my birthday. I had a lot of his tracks downloaded on my old PC and in the transfer from one PC to another I lost a lot of tracks and Alan Jackson's tracks were amongst those. I will have a cup of coffee,listen to my new CD and peruse my new books. I will post photos of anything in them that is particularly scrumptious tomorrow.

I am off out tonight for a meal with my niece and friend Louise. What a lucky girl I am. I love birthdays. Come on now - all together - 21 today. she's 21 today, she's got the key of the door only been 21 twice before!


June said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Have a wonderful time this evening when you go out for your meal. What a lovely brother to bring you those two crochet books. I am looking forward to seeing what's inside them.

Mad about Craft said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Hope you've had a really lovely evening.

ree said...
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ree said...

Happy 21st Dear Girl.
I hope you're still blogging when you're 90 and we're all still reading about your life and crochet.

Zuleika said...

Oh no sweetie, I missed your birthday! I am so sorry.

Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a beautiful day my dear :-)
Cheers to you being 21 for many years to come. ;-)