Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Round the post crochet is playing havoc with my wrists

I was looking forward to some crochet after the aran knitting but I am suffering for my longings. I had forgotten how crocheting around the front and back posts to form the aran cables can play havoc on the wrists. Strangely though it is my left wrist that is suffering the most. I do put a strapping on it but I find that it slows my crochet down as I keep getting my work stuck to the Velcro fastening on the wrist strap! I am still progressing quicker than if I was knitting but I will have to alternate with some knitting to rest my wrists.

As you can see I have reached the more complicated cabling for the shoulder area and have done almost a half of that.

I have unpinned the aran knitting from the blocking boards and am still convinced it will be a bit on the small side. I am considering making a belt (optional on the pattern) just to hold it all together at the waist as I doubt the single button will hold it all together as a warm jacket. The wool was quite lightweight for an aran thickness. If you want to make a light aran then choose Wendy Serenity Aran as it has a tremendous yardage but make a larger size as it worked up small for me even though I normally knit a bit looser than pattern tension.

I have decided not to go to Harrogate to the Knitting Exhibition. I would have to go by train on Thursday because of having Buster over the weekend. I would really love to see all the exhibits but I am supposed to be on a no buy for wool until I have finished all my Christmas projects. I will allow myself to buy some wool but only if it is destined for a present for someone else but I think I would get waylaid and tempted if I went to Harrogate. How can you go to a place like that and not buy?


June said...

I so love reading your blog, as you are an inspiration to me. I love your knitted aran, it has turned out so well. I hope your wrists soon feel better so that you can carry on with the crochet. I have not tried doing round the post crochet yet, but I must try it soon.

Mad about Craft said...

The Aran is beautiful - well knitted!

Cat said...

Try wearing a modified glove over the wrist strap to cover the velcro. Also, stretch your fingers and thumbs at the end of every 10 minutes. Another thing I have found is to take an anti-inflammatory 20 minutes before I start crocheting. It not only keeps the pain down, but the swelling as well.

Your work is lovely, as usual.

Andy's Crafts said...

Lovely Aran and the Crochet Cables can be fun, but very hard on the wrists.

Zuleika said...

That is gorgeous Jan!
I hope your wrist feels better soon. You still have quite a bit of craft work to do. ;_)