Monday, 17 November 2008

Whew - I think the aran will fit

As you know I have agonised over whether this aran will be large enough for my niece. I have finished it and blocked it out and provided it doesn't go any smaller when it is dried I am sure it will fit - but just not how it should fit as per the pattern. This will be a slim fitting jacket and not the baggy chunky jacket that I think she is expecting.

I have therefore started another jacket for her. It's cabled but it's crocheted. I chose one of the patterns that I featured yesterday from the book Glorious Crochet sweaters. Mattenylou - I hope that you find your copy of the book. Laurie - I do hope that you didn't throw your magazine away and yes I eventually did get rid of all the holly leaves even though the binmen gave me dirty looks for weeks as I kept filling up my dustbin for weeks. Cat - I hope that you manage to get hold of a copy of the book. I am sure that I saw one for sale on E-bay not long ago.

I am looking forward to doing a bit of crochet after doing that aran knitting. I still have to go back to knitting socks before Christmas but perhaps I should knit a few rows every day in between the crochet.


June said...

I really like the finished aran cardigan, but I look forward to seeing what you crochet from your book. Glad you are back on crochet again.

sylvia said...