Sunday, 2 November 2008

Charlie's Christening

Today I went to baby Charlie's christening. He is the son of my niece's best friend. He screamed the church down and sobbed uncontrollably all through the ceremony which is unusual for him as he is normally such a placid child. We is teething and being weaned from the breast so I think he was hungry and frustrated at not being put on the boob. His dad tried to console him but he was having none of it until after his christening ceremony when they lit the candle. He stared at it for a few seconds and fell asleep. As the person near me remarked - I wish they had lit that candle earlier!

I didn't know I was invited to the christening until the middle of last week so I didn't knit him anything. I bought him 3 little long sleeved T shirts instead. Charlie looked very dapper in his christening outfit.It was made by his paternal grandma. She had some material left from the beaded wedding dress that she had made for his mum and made him a little waistcoat with it. From the back he looked like a miniature Elvis Presley with his bit of shimmer and his white trousers. He refused point blank to wear his sailor hat.

I think I am coming down with a cold. This is a surprise to me as since I started having the flu jab I haven't had a cold for the last 5 yrs. I think I am due another jab.

I have finished the main bit of the black shawl. I have the border to crochet but that takes quite a bit of crocheting as it is a couple of inches wide. I am hoping to finish it off tonight all being well.

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Kathy said...

Those are cute little shirts. I'm sure he'll look adorable in them.

We had a baptism about a month ago but the little girl was old enough to splash the water on the priest and dance around. It was very distracting but still a nice event.