Friday, 12 December 2008

Last of the Doll's clothes

I waited to take photos of Baby Annabel's pram suit until I had daylight but the light was so dull again this morning I could have taken them last night with similar results. The pram suit is from Paton's Dolly Daydream book PBN K 306 if it's still available. The pram rug is crocheted although there is a knitted pram rug in the pattern book. The leggings were the bug bear being in rib they took so much of my time.

I decided to start on the Cinnabar cardigan from Doris Chan's Everyday Crochet book for my next Christmas gift project. I have done half of the yolk. The one thing I will say about this pattern is never attempt it without stitch markers as it is so difficult to see the difference between the increase V stitches and the shell stitches which can be disastrous for keeping the shaping in the right places. These stitch markers were made for my by Eadaoin (see her Etsy link on RHS of my blog) and they are so useful as they don't slip out of my work like the split ring markers do.

Today I went up to Ramsbottom to Clarks Crafts wool shop. Charlie was feeling slightly better today and wanted to pick up some wool so I jumped at the chance to go with her. It was one of her first trips out since her illness. She is getting better slowly but still gets tired quickly. I bought a ball of Diploma 4ply and double knit in black for my daughter in law's fingerless gloves and hat and some Wash n Wear DK for a jacket for my friend's baby.I would have used the wool that I had in stock but I am glad that I managed to get some better quality wool. So much still to do - so little time.

Laura - if you e mail me at fullbodiedwoman at Yahoo dot com (I am not writing the e mail address as a link so I hope that you can work it out) then I will give you info about your enquiry about learning to knit.


Doll Clothes gal said...

These look fabulous - well done.

Zuleika said...

These little outfits you're doing are just so darned cute!