Friday, 5 December 2008

Oh dear

Guess who accidentally put her hand knit super soft Rowan merino socks in the washing machine? Please tell me that you have done it too. I never put my socks or anything hand wash in the laundry basket so that they can't get mixed in with the normal load. I guess I must have been tired when I got undressed and just threw everything in the basket.

When I unloaded the washer I could have cried. Two purple shrunken masses. I have managed to block them out to a reasonable shape but they will be forever felted. The good part is though that they still fit (with a good tug) and are super cosy and warm.

The aerial guy came to sort out my bad reception and I needed a new LED part for the dish. The good news is that my TV works perfectly with a better picture than ever before and touch wood last night I had all of the channels instead of the message saying no signal received on half of them. The bad part was the bill, of course, but as a stay at home most of the time girl I justified spending it as I don't smoke, rarely drink, not a fashion junkie and mostly only go out to knitting clubs so I am not the last of the big spenders. I will be at home mostly at Christmas so wanted to be able to at least watch the programmes that I liked. The other good bit was although it was expensive (well it was to me) it was half the price quoted by Sky so it does pay to use local firms wherever possible. The guy said I did the right thing on insisting that the holly tree got cut right down as that would have impeded the signal even with this new LED box.

I have got the February sweater blocking now and have started on the new wardrobe for the Baby Annabel doll. I have half knitted a pram coat and half crocheted a matinee jacket. Possibly some photos tomorrow.

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ambermoggie said...

oh no:( What a good thing they still fit Jan. I've done it twice and it was such a sad thing to see my lovely socks reduced in size