Friday, 26 December 2008

Santa came

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas Day. I did. I went to my brother and sister in law's house for a lovely cooked Christmas dinner and of course ate far too much. I used to wonder what my mother meant when she said I always enjoy a meal cooked by someone else. Now as I have to cook for myself every day I know exactly what she meant. Somehow it tastes all the better for not having to cook it. The company was good and we all had a good time. My two nieces were there and my niece's soon to be husband was also there and I also got to meet his mother so we had a full house.

My presents this year have been wonderful. It might seem strange to have a tin opener and jar opener as a present but it was exactly what I had asked for. I am a practical kind of girl. I got 3 new crochet books and a new Crochet Calendar with a pattern for every day. I also got some face day and night creams (again another request from me) and some Anais Anais perfume which I absolutely love.

One present that brought tears to my eyes was the photo frame complete with photos of my grandchildren and great grand daughters. My son married into a ready made family and so I don't see as much of them as I would like and this is the first time I have had photos of them all together.I shall be finding the right spot to display them with pride.

I still found time to knit even on Christmas Day as there is a bit of a rush on for these 80's style leg warmers that my niece wants to take back to London with her for a themed new year party. I managed to find a suitably stripey pattern and have made half of one so far.

I hope that Santa left you great presents as he did for me. Enjoy the rest of your Christmas holidays and if you are going to the Sales - Hang on to your purse in more ways than one!


Zuleika said...

What great presents! You sure were blessed this year. :-)

Cinders said...

What fab presents. Glad you had a wonderful day yesterday

June said...

Glad you had a good Christmas Day. What lovely presents, now you have a whole lot of new patterns to crochet.