Friday, 19 December 2008

Curly borders - but it's finished

Baby Charlie's jacket has been blocked out and looks marginally better but I am still unhappy with the borders. I haven't got the time to unravel and re knit them so I just hope that the mum (a non knitter) will be happy with it.

The Cinnabar is on the last stretch now. Two sleeves completed and just another inch or so to crochet on the body and the edgings to do and then another one is finished.

I photographed the earrings this morning but as the weather is very dull and dreary I am afraid that I haven't done them any justice at all with my photography. I can assure you that they look far nicer in real life than they do on this blog. Thanks once again Jen.

I plan to start some more fingerless mitts and after looking through all my new books I think I will go with my favourite Fetching mitts from

My niece has informed me that she is going to an 80's party for New Year and if possible would like a pair of leg warmers. I have just e mailed her and said if she is up in Manchester for a few days over Christmas I will try to rattle a pair off. I can't see me starting those before Christmas Day. I am turning into my mum - knitting away on Christmas Day whilst watching TV!

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Zuleika said...

That little jacket is adorable! The edges are fine my dear. ;-)

The earrings are pretty, such a nice gift!