Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Grey crochet cabled cardigan

I have finished another Christmas present. It has not been blocked yet but I thought I would post the photos anyway. It is from the Glorious Sweater Book edited by Nola Theiss which, although an old book, a couple of you have managed to buy from EBay. I like the way that the books shows that crochet is not just all holey and decorative and can be made into more wearable everyday jackets and sweaters. I made this jacket from 600 grams of Woolcraft Crepe DK. It does look rather long and slim on the photos but my niece is only a size 8 and wanted a long jacket. I have made this pattern twice for myself but used an aran thickness for mine as I am size 8 twice over!

My wrists has now recovered from all the round the post crochet and at the moment I am still knitting the February sweater and am about to start some doll's clothes for my great grand daughter's birthday Baby Annabel doll. As K is only 3 yrs old I think knitted doll's clothes stand up to a lot more tugging, and pulling than fabric clothes as little fingers drag clothes on and off. Her sister E is not 2 yet so I must enquire if she has a dolly or a teddy as I don;t want to leave her out.

My Tapestry crochet book arrived this morning and I will put some photos of that tomorrow. The Little Princess books for the babies arrived yesterday.I still have quite a few presents to make or buy yet. The snow is still around and the dustbin men didn't make it up my street yesterday. I think today is another stay in and knit day.


June said...

I really like the grey cardigan. Your niece is sure to love it. I must give it a try soon, now that I have the book.

Zuleika said...

You are making great progress on your gifts! I wish I could say I've done something substantial.