Sunday, 28 December 2008

Memories of Fame Academy and Bucks Fizz

I spent a happy afternoon reminiscing about when leg warmers were all the rage. My niece K came to pick up the leg warmers after walking in Heaton Park with her soon to be husband. He installed a new anti virus for me as I refused to pay £60 to renew Norton when I only paid £60 for the whole package in the first place - what a total rip off but that's another story.

We went back down memory lane to try to decide what my niece should wear for the rest of her outfit for her 80's themed New Year party and so started looking up Fame and Bucks Fizz on the net for clothing ideas. I think it has to be leotard,Lycra leggings, a short Ra Ra skirt and sweat band for my niece but quite what her other half is going to wear is as yet undecided. We had thought of Adam Ant or the new romantics look but as he sports a very short crew cut neither of those captured the imagination. I hope that they take photos of themselves when they decide.

If anyone is feeling nostalgic and wants a pair of legwarmers I just cast on 64 sts on 4mm set of 5 needles and used oddments of double knit using a K2 P2 rib. I made the stripes the same either end so it doesn't matter which way she puts them on they will still be a pair.

I haven't decided what to make next and so looked through my carrier bags and discovered I had crocheted half of a back of a cardigan years ago and for some reason had left it. I think it was when I half heartedly started to crochet again whilst I was still working and lost interest. Luckily the hook and the pattern were still in the bag as was the rest of the wool so I am working on that until I decide what to make next. It may possibly get abandoned once again if I decide to make something else.

It was Knit Out day at the Knitty Noras today but I could not make it as I was expecting family and anyway I didn't think there would be such a good turnout as it was so near to Christmas. I shall look forward to going back in the New Year.

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