Sunday, 21 December 2008

Where are those Elves when you need them?

I wish those parcel wrapping elves would make an appearance at my house soon. Today I have a table full of gifts to wrap which will turn out to have all the appeal of a brown paper package tied up with string. I finish up with a carpet full of paper strips, bits of sellotape stuck all over me and lumpy awful parcels. we all have our talents and mine obviously isn't making pretty packages.

That reminds me of a compliment I had once (well I took it as a compliment) A long term boyfriend who had previously had a younger gorgeous trophy wife dated me for 9 yrs despite my being overweight and 13yrs older. One day I asked him what did I have that she didn't apart from the obvious. He said well she was like that present under the Christmas tree that is decorated so beautifully that you can't wait to see the present inside only to open it and find there is nothing that you want inside. You on the other hand are like that present that tends to get overlooked because it isn't wrapped as nicely but when opened contains the best gift of all - a warm generous loving heart. OK so he was a charmer but it was still a lovely thing to say. When I met him I had no self esteem and was at my lowest ebb after my marriage ended and he made me feel like a princess no matter what I looked like. Everyone should have a Charlie in their life. I wish I could still have him on tap for those down days.

As you can see the red Cinnabar crochet cardigan is finished with the added touch of a clasp that Vicky kindly got for me from Hobbycraft to finish it off. I still have half of a fingerless mitt to finish tonight. Last night I made a pair of crochet slippers and photos will follow tomorrow.

I am off now to wrap presents. If you don't see me on here for a few days please check that I am not stuck up with my own sellotape.


ambermoggie said...

looks gorgeous Jan:0 What a fabulous compliment but he is right you have the ability to take joy in everything and to share:)

June said...

Well done on finishing the Cinnibar, it looks great and I really like the clasp that finishes it off just right. Hope you don't get too tangled up in the Sellotape, as I want to see the finished slippers.

ree said...

Good on Charlie - I like the sound of that man. If you don't surface before Christmas, have a happy one and a good new year. Have enjoyed your stories every day so here's wishing you a good blogging 2009.

Zuleika said...

Ooooh, very nice!

Charlie sounded like a real charmer! That was such a sweet thing to say to you. :-)