Sunday, 14 December 2008

My eyes are dim I cannot see

My eyes are dim I cannot see I wish I had brought my specs with me. Oh wait a minute I did! Like Kathy and Vicki (The Knittingdragonfly) I have blamed everything whilst knitting black. I blamed the new energy saving bulbs, grease on my glasses (no better when polished) and my own eyesight. I have come to the conclusion that knitting black in the wintertime is for the fool hardy or people who have strong craft lights and 20/20 vision. Remind me to save knitting and crocheting black for the summer next year!

I am progressing slowly with the fingerless mitts and have finished one. Sorry for the fuzzy photo but it's hard photographing your own hand. I will save the front view until both of the mitts are completely finished as it will spoil it to see them before the trim is added. The mitt felt quite warm in spite of being knitted in 4ply. I have started the other mitt but progress is slow especially when I get to the fair isle bit.

I managed to do a few rows on the Cinnabar but am really concentrating on finishing these mitts off at the moment. I just allow myself a few rows of luxury crochet every now and again to break up this knitting.

I have put my heating on today. I have made the excuse that I have done some washing and if I put the tumble dryer on then I would be using just as much energy and with the heating on I am killing two birds with one stone. Anyway without the heating my fingers are so cold that I keep dropping stitches. I was smiling today at a forum on Ravelry about finishing off Christmas projects and one lady said there should be 48hrs to every day in the months of November and December. I feel guilty at the moment if I go to bed earlier or do something other than my knit and crochet during the day.

Sometimes I feel like that hamster on the wheel, round and round and getting no-where. Ah well - guess it's time to get back on my wheel.

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Zuleika said...

You seem to be making pretty good progress! Can you come on over here and make some progress on my projects too? Please!? ;-)