Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Ravelry forum

I had a great surprise at the weekend when I was invited to join the Crochet Designers forum on Ravelry. I feel very honoured as I have not done any real designing for a while. I have adapted several patterns to make them my style lately but that is not what I would call real designing. I seem to be incapable of following instructions to the letter. I read things, do them as the pattern says and then think hmm no - much better to do it this way. I have always had the ability to look at something and make a fair copy of it without any instructions but again I would not call that designing. I shall have to brush up my skills as I am now in the same group as Doris Chan! Gosh I do hope that she never reads my less than flattering comments about her pattern writing skills.

The sock is progressing slowly and I am now up to turning the heel. Last night I went to the King's Arms knitting club and was supposed to be showing Rachael how to make granny squares but she managed them all on her own and didn't need my help. I spent the evening making a few squares for the Oxfam maternal deaths blanket but as I gave them to the lady who is collecting them I don't have a photo. Rachael took some and promised to e mail me later with them. They may get added to this post later otherwise I will post them when I receive them.

I saw this blog today describing their visit to Woolfest
it is from the shop I Knit London. If I ever get to London I must try and find this shop, even if I can't buy anything from it, just for the atmosphere alone. I had already browsed their Flickr site. My friend Charlie went down a couple of weeks ago and found the shop and she has had a burning urge to own one similar ever since. I want one of the badges that Gerald is wearing. I am a hooker !!

The ladies from Knitting Noras have suggested that we have club T shirts so that people can recognise us whilst we are out and about at things like Woolfest but I want a badge as well! My last chance to be a hooker? I am getting a little old for the basque and the fishnets so a crochet hooker is the best I can aim for at my time of life.

The sun is shining today and the grass is as high as an elephant's eye (well more like a small cat - poetic licence to pinch the phrase from the musical Oklahoma) so I think I had better wrestle my mower down the steps and put an hour or so in on the garden before I go into hospital.

If you are interested in unusual photos of Woolfest then check out one of the Noras Flickr site http://www.flickr.com/photos/eadaoinflynn/
Eadaoin has taken some lovely pics of sheep and rabbits as well as buttons, wool etc. She has also got some very unusual photos of Manchester on there taken as she walks around it. I have never seen any of these so have decided that I must walk around with my eyes tight shut.

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June said...

Congratulations on being asked to join the Ravelry designers. You deserve it, as your crochet is so good. I hope to visit that shop in London soon, as it sounds just the sort of place that I would like. Thanks for telling us about it.