Thursday, 10 July 2008

Seraphina is growing slowly

Seraphina continues to grow but it is very slow progress now. Each row takes a half hour and the row measures 120" so it doesn't appear to be growing very fast any more. I like the shape of it as it provides a great wrap at the front and I feel it will stay anchored to the shoulders without the need for a pin. Neck to point it is 28" and across from point to point it is 60". There is still quite a bit of chenille left on the cone but of course every row takes a lot more wool now so I think it will start to run out after a few more inches on the length. I think the shawl will need a little light blocking to open out the pattern stitches as they are not as distinct with chenille as they would be with plain wool. I think it will just have to be a light sprinkling of water and try to block it out with pins on some towels. One of these days I will invest in some of those interlocking blocking squares. I find it difficult to find a place large enough to lie the shawl flat to do this without Buster lying on it. I will have to use the spare double bed, loads of bath towels and keep the door closed until it dries.

I reached out the sock knitting last night to give my hands a change of movement and have turned the heel of the first sock. Still got quite a way to knit on the first sock. I feel like I have been knitting this sock forever. I can't remember a pair of socks taking so long. It's my fault for deciding to change from toe up to top down half way through the sock.

Buster is still not back on form as can be seen from the sad face on the photo. My son and daughter in law called last night to see him and he was a bit sad after they left. He still appears to have a groin strain and is still limping. I am hoping that he hasn't picked up another water infection. He woke me at 6 am this morning with a very apologetic look on his face. He gives himself away when he has done something wrong. He doesn't just wait for me to discover it. I came downstairs thinking that he needed a wee only to find out that he had already had a wee in the kitchen. This has never happened before and he had his last wee around 2am when I went to bed which makes me think he is having a problem holding his water. My son said he had a few dribbles when he was with them but they work all day and to be honest Buster isn't used to holding his water long these days as I am usually there to let him out for his wees on a regular timing basis apart from the odd days when I have been out. I will have to watch him carefully for the next few days and make sure he has plenty water to drink.

We are off for a walk before the rain starts again. I am trying to get him just to go for a walk but Buster still finds me sticks and gets irritated when I only throw them a few inches. I am trying to rest his leg and groin and it is slowly improving.

Today I realized that I had not put my healing crystals from Ambermoggie and Vicky in my hospital bag. I have now made sure that they are packed and ready. I have put all thoughts of going in out of my mind so it will be a surprise to me when the call comes and even then I won't believe it is happening until I am on the operating table.

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