Saturday, 12 July 2008

What is going on? I am really confused now

It doesn't take a lot to confuse me. I am a simple soul at heart but the letter I got today from Hope Hospital has me really scratching my head. I got a letter with an appointment to attend Mr Oxborrow's Complex Spinal clinic on September 24th. Who is he? I have a vague recollection that he might be the anaesthetist I was supposed to see 3 months ago when I had my pre-op tests done but as he was off I saw another person. I could be wrong though and it could be yet another surgeon that they are foisting me onto. Of course as it is Saturday I will now have to wait until Monday to find out what is going on now. To say I am not amused is putting it lightly. Here I am waiting for a call for an operation and there they are giving me an appointment for September! Getting the letter on a Saturday when I can't phone until Monday isn't helping either.

I have made a crochet flower which I have sewn onto a pin. It can either be used as a shawl pin, decoration for the shawl or even for the hat that Lisa has said she will crochet from the chenille left overs. As you can see there is still plenty left on the cone. The shawl is still drying and I will do a damage control look at it later to see if any more loops have emerged and see if I can darn them in if they look too bad,

I picked up my sock knitting last night and am now on the straight foot bit. It feels very slow going after crocheting so much lately. That's the only trouble with crochet. Projects grow so fast that it is difficult to go back to knitting on small needles and fine wool again.

It is raining once again. I was going to go to Bury market to get a few veggies, fruit and some meat or fish but keep putting it off because of the weather. I will have a shower and decide what to do later. I need to buy some proper food as I have been living from the freezer for the last few days and it is not doing me (or my diet) any good at all.


Cinders said...

Hi Jan,
I wondered where you were up to with the hospital. Dont they drive you mad! one half doesnt seem to know what the other half is doing! I hope you get it sorted out. I often get letters on a Saturday that you can do nothing about till Monday. Its so frustrating.
love the socks and Seraphina shwal.

Mad about Craft said...

When the NHS knows it's left foot from it's right, there will be no waiting lists or queues in out patient clinics and everyone will communicate with each other so that everyone will know what's what!

June said...

It seems that they are just trying to fob you off by making more appointments and never actually getting around to doing the operation. It really is so annoying for you and I hope that on Monday you get a truthful explanation for what has been going on. Do they intend to carry out the operation or have they thought of an alternative treatment for you.

Zuleika said...

Dang those people are annoying! I know you can't wait to get all this over with so you won't have to deal with them anymore. I have never heard of such nonsense!!
Cute pin!