Wednesday, 9 July 2008

I'm so excited

I put my latest Doris Chan sweater on Ravelry describing it as Doris Chan with a difference and guess what? Doris left me a message!! Yes she did

"Here’s a brilliant example of turning an “oops” into a “do it like you mean it”! Terrific save!"

What greater honour is there than the designer looking at my efforts and leaving a lovely comment. I feel quite elated.

These are some more photos of the sweater but taken with the web cam as I have never mastered the method of taking self pictures with a digi cam. The colour is not true but you can get the general idea.

The Seraphina shawl is progressing but every row will now take far longer as the width increases. I have been very grateful for the photos on the pattern showing different stages to help me understand better where to start the next increase rather than read the pattern. I think every pattern designer should do that - take close ups of the relevant pattern bits. I find it so much easier to crochet by eye than to follow a pattern. I guess it comes from when crochet patterns (apart from doilies) were scarcer than hen's teeth back in the 60's and I had to learn to do it myself. The advantage of crocheting it in this downward direction is that I can gauge when the chenille will run out and stop at the end of a full pattern.

I definitely must drag out my sock knitting today as when I woke up this morning my middle finger right hand was as stiff as a board and it took ages to bend. Sign of too much crocheting. Buster is back home now so he occupies me so my crochet output will decline. I have looked at the front room and sighed. New throws please and bring out the hoover mum. Good job it looks like being a sunny day as it's time for a washer load.


ree said...

I cannot believe how quickly you finished the Doris Chan. What a great job you've done, the neckline is particularly nice especially with the crochet buttons. No wonder you now have crocheter's fingers!

ambermoggie said...

looking good Jan:) Well done on the top, no wonder Doris made a comment it is fab

Zuleika said...

Doris will be taking lessons from you now! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Of course Doris would leave a comment, you are very talented and she seems to be very nice and friendly. Your new sweater is very nice and you get them done so quickly. You should be very proud! Lynn

Christy said...

That is exciting. Famous by association! LOL

Glad to hear Buster is back. Mine just had another tooth extraction so she's taking up a lot more of my time too. But you gotta love 'em.

Crochet Diva said...

I'm lovin that mock collar! How adorable!