Sunday, 20 July 2008

Having a change from crochet

I had a change from crochet last night and this afternoon. I decided to try to finish off the Opal socks that I had started for my niece. I felt they had been on the needles long enough and I want to finish them off before Wednesday. I took a photo of the ball of wool as it looks really crinkly. I usually knit from the centre of the ball so have never seen a ball do this before. I have turned the heel so should have them finished on time.

I have posted another photo of the crochet even though it hasn't grown to show you what the colour really looks like plus the pattern photo from the book.

I went to see the sofas today. I wanted to sit on them just to make sure that they are comfy as they will arrive on Thursday when I should be in hospital. They are lovely and squashy and I am very happy with them. I have decided to put my recliner in the bay window as Buster's look out chair rather than have him jumping all over the new sofas. It's a bit past it's best but Buster only wrecks his look out chair. I can always revive it with a throw.When I come out of hospital it will be like walking into a different house.

I have ordered a couple of Interweave Crochet back number books from Pavi Yarns so am hoping that they will arrive tomorrow. I love the excitement of a parcel.

Back to the knitting now. I have turned the heel so may manage to finish off most of the sock tonight.


Zuleika said...

I'm glad you're happy with the sofas. It'll be nice for you to come home to them. :-)
Happy knitting! :-)

June said...

The socks are looking good. I really like the colours. Glad the sofas were comfortable. They give you a reason to crochet some lovely throws with some of your stash.