Tuesday, 15 July 2008

One sock is finished

Last night I couldn't decide what I wanted to crochet next so I picked up the lingering sock knitting whilst I decided. I think this poor sock has been on the needles and unravelled off the needles twice and finally it has been third time lucky and I finished one sock. But I still have number two to start yet!

With my latest crochet items including a couple of shawls plus the wrap that Amber made for me I needed some way to fasten them and stop them sliding off my shoulders as I usually wear them in the evening whilst crocheting or knitting. Brooches and pins tend to get tangled in the threads and I dug around and found an old leather hair clip from way back when (possibly 60's as I don't throw anything away) and used that but it was a bit cumbersome. I then remembered that my mother had bought me a silver kilt pin from a trip to Scotland when I was a teenager. I was suitably unimpressed at the time as I didn't wear a kilt and so it has stayed in my jewelry box blackening happily away for many years. I have given it a good clean and at last it can be used for almost it's original purpose. Thanks Mum who would have known I would like your gift, and find a use for it, 45 years later. It is hallmarked silver so has cleaned up lovely. I should have taken a before photo as it was completely black before cleaning.

I have a couple of ideas about what to crochet next but as usual I am either uninspired by the choice of yarns I have in stash or there is not sufficient wool in the right colours for the projects I have in mind. I could always get the crocheting out from the drawer that I started a couple of years ago and went off making it. I still can't drum up enthusiasm for it even though I have almost finished the cardigan back. I like the colour and I like the pattern stitch but there is just something about it that I am not happy with and every time I reach it out and do a couple of rows I put it down again.

I will have another coffee and decide what to make next. Maybe another Doris Chan - maybe something different for a change. By the way if you look on my Ravelry projects Doris has left a comment on my Farpoint Topper. So nice of her to notice it,


Zuleika said...

A kilt pin!? That's an odd gift for a teen girl. I wonder what she thought you'd use it for. 45 years later and it finally gets used. Better late than never! lol

You mean you haven't started anything yet!? *gasp* I bet you'll find another Doris Chan pattern to try. ;-)

Mad about Craft said...

I used to wear one of that type of hair pin when I did my nurse training. I've tried one since but couldn't it to stay in my hair. I don't know how I did it.

Christy said...

That pin is beautiful, and the hair bobbie is just too cool!