Saturday, 19 July 2008

Here I go again

No - you can relax. I didn't crochet this jacket in my sleep. Nor did I lash any pixies in my cellar as Ailsa suggested. This is a jacket I crocheted earlier (always a Blue Peter fan) but never wore as I had made the cast on chain far too tight and it would not button across my Junoesque thighs. I reached it out of the cupboard yesterday and unpicked the side seams. Double crocheted around the edge and then made a chain to lace the side together as it didn't look quite right with a wide split. I may make 2 longer chains and re-lace them later. The jacket was a bodge up from start to finish as I ran out of wool for the yolk and had to use flecked mohair for the yolk but I decided to finish it as I can always wear it as a house jacket in the evenings. The buttons finished up very unevenly spaced so altogether this was one of my OFF day jackets.

I have started another Doris Chan with the vintage Hayfield Fantasia yarn. I have started the Tall Latte as that will leave me scope for doing the neckband and the sleeve edgings in some plain brown toning double knit if I run out of wool before I reach the end. This will be another batch of stash wool used up so I am doing well this year with my stash reduction. Oh Hush yes I know I keep buying more but that doesn't count does it? This is from the bottom of the pile. So it's old stash and not new additions.

I have been madly tidying and hoovering today as I have been offered a set of practically new cream leather 2 and 3 seater sofas and they will arrive when I am in hospital (yeah right I know IF I ever get in hospital). I am hoping to have a trial sit on them this weekend before I get them as I would hate to arrive home to find they are uncomfy and I have got rid of my shabby but extremely comfy huge suite. I am not a lover of leather but have given in under the pressure of constant daily hoovering of the suite that I have and changing throws every day because of my hairy shedding dog. I realize that I will still have to wash throws but that will be half the job it usually is.

I have visions of making 2 granny square throws or brightly coloured chunky afghans in hexagons that I have seen on the net somewhere and thought extremely vibrant. I would like to use some stash but would rather have a co-ordinating colour scheme so that could be my winter project. I just hope that Buster wouldn't rip holes in them with his paws. I feel the cold when I sit on my friend's leather sofa so just know I am going to have to use throws. It will stop the leather getting scratched and dirty by someone who shall remain nameless but is sleeping by my feet.

I have to brave the rain in a little while as Buster doesn't have any tinned food for his dinner tonight. I can manage with something from the freezer or store cupboard but I doubt if Sir Buster would be impressed with egg on toast or a bacon butty for his dinner. He is not a biscuit only kind of dog so would be horrified with a bowl full of biscuits instead of his usual fare.


June said...

Phew! I thought for a minute that you had done that one overnight. You may find that the leather suite is much better with a dog, as the hairs won't cling so much and you can just wipe it down with baby wipes.

Zuleika said...

Do you sleep at all? You seem to eat sleep and breathe crochet! :-)

The new sofas sound nice. I don't like leather too much either, but it'll make cleaning a lot easier. Which is a definite plus! :-)
The leather sofas will be a fantastic excuse to make throws. ;-)