Thursday, 24 July 2008

Latest news

I am still here waiting. I have to ring after 5pm to see if the guy occupying my bed gets transferred back to his original hospital.
Apparently they are waiting for the ambulance to come and get him.

Anyone want to help tip him out of the bed?

My son cannot take me tonight now as he will be suite removing so my niece is taking me now if I finally go in.

If you don't hear from me tomorrow then hopefully I will be in my bed in hospital.

My Interweave crochet books arrived this morning from Pavi Yarns so I have put them into my bag so I can browse them in hospital.


June said...

Good Luck Jan! I really hope that you get your bed tonight. Glad your mags arrived, something to look forward to after the op.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you put all of your stuff back in your bag... I think you were worried about the brush and things like that... Good luck and hope you recover quickly... Lynn

Cinders said...

Well by the time you read this I hope you've finally had that operation and are recovering well.

Zuleika said...

I hope everything is okay sweetie!! Good luck and I'm praying for ya. :-)