Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Another date for operation

I had a phone call this morning offering me yet another proposed date for my operation. I have to ring on Thursday 24th July to check if there is still a bed for me and if so then go in and have the operation on the 25th. I told the secretary that if there are any more emergencies on that day then they can't have my bed no matter how urgent their need is. Enough is enough. It is probably very selfish of me to have this attitude but I really have waited long enough now so it's time for someone else to get cancelled instead of it being me every time. My son isn't happy as he had booked his holiday thinking that I was going in on the 4th and now has the prospect of looking after 2 dogs whilst on holiday if the caravan park will accept 2 dogs instead of the one dog they told them about. Once I am back home then I can get Buster walked from home.

I have knitted a little on the second sock for my niece but had to give up as it started hurting my wrist. I started a crochet jacket for myself in James C Brett's marble chunky but there is nothing to show you as I unravelled it. I wasn't happy so if in doubt then rip it out.

The photo on today's blog is my next proposed project. Vicky kindly gave me the Rowan DK cotton some time ago and I have hummed and haaed over what to make with it. I knew that she really liked the cotton and the colour but it just hadn't worked out for her in her intended project. I searched my patterns and could not come up with anything for me that took 5 balls and I was reluctant to use such a good quality cotton for a shopping bag or something similar. I decided to make this waistcoat for Vicky as there will be enough cotton for her considerably slimmer frame. True to Doris it is worked downwards so there is always the option of a different colour at the bottom if it isn't long enough or a different dye lot if the colour is still available. I will chain on whilst I watch Loose Women.

Vicky and Laurie came yesterday and kindly cut my lawn for me. It is a task that has become increasingly difficult for me. It's not so much the mowing but my garden has 3 levels and lugging the mower down 2 sets of 3 steps was the bug bear for me. Buster showed his appreciation by digging up part of the lawn as he wanted Laurie to play ball with him instead of pushing the mower. Buster doesn't take to people easily (especially men) but formed an instant bond with Laurie and cried when he left. This morning I opened the back door and next door's dog Buddy was having a wee on the bald part and had already left me a present in the middle of the lawn. What chance does my poor lawn stand? 2 piddles and 2 poops in the space of 5 minutes. I don't say anything to my neighbour as she is recovering from an intense bout of chemo and has enough on her plate at the moment. I wonder does she think her dog has constipation?

My washing is fluttering on the line but I have a weather eye out for rain. Time for a coffee with my feet up, crochet in hand by the TV for an hour I think before my lunch and Buster's walk.


ambermoggie said...

hurrah:)) Keeping everything crossed they don't need your bed this time. If they do I'd ring the papers

June said...

Surely this time you will not be fobbed off. I have my fingers crossed for you.

Mad about Craft said...

I hope it goes ahead this time!

I am away in the Czech Republic but I will think about you and if I open your blog and find that you haven't had it I will be so disappointed for you.

If ambermoggie rings the papers, I'll write to the House of Commons