Monday, 7 July 2008

Seraphina in green chenille

I decided to turn the green chenille into Seraphina - a free shawl pattern that I found on the net but can be seen made in many glorious colourways on Ravelry and Flickr. I had a couple of hairy moments when part of the chenille decided to fall off it's cone in a great lump. Untangling is not my favourite especially as the chenille welded itself together at every twist and turn. I think I have set the pattern in my head now. I wanted to do that in peace and quiet as I thought that I might be going to the Kings Arms to the knitting club tonight and wanted something to work on that I knew what I was doing. It's hard to chat and set a pattern at the same time.

Charlie who normally kindly provides me with a lift has a friend to stay so is not going tonight. Rachael - the founder of the club kindly e mailed me the photos of some of the knitters and my squares that I donated last week. Notice that I am rummaging in my bag instead of smiling for the birdie! As you can see the pub is quite quaint and a bit dimly lit hence my careful choice of projects to take with me. I have learned not to take socks as if a stitch slips off my Knit Pick needles then I cannot see to retrieve it. I have joked about wearing a miner's helmet with a spotlight and am seriously considering one of those battery operated lights that they sell to stick on the table.

The rain has hardly stopped all weekend and it hammering down the patio door windows as I type. Glorious UK summer weather. I wonder if we will have any more sun this year?

My back is giving me a reprieve. I have done hardly anything since my stagger to the shops and my back is loving it. Life would be so much easier if I could just sit all day and crochet or knit but it's not the answer. It's unhealthy not to exercise and keep fit. Although I am loving being relatively pain free it will not do me much good in the long term.

Buster is not back home yet and I am waiting for a phone call later to say what is going to happen to him. Is he staying at my son's until such time as I go in or is he returning for a while. I miss his company like mad but it is lovely not to have to walk him and hoover up after him every day.


ambermoggie said...

ooohhh I love Seraphina:)

Mad about Craft said...

I like the look of this shawl, whilst I'm in crochet mode I might just have to have a go at it.

Zuleika said...

I love the seraphina shawl so far. :-) What sort of green is that?
I hate yarn tangles, and tend to cut them and move on. ;-)
Glad your back is being good to you at the moment. Wouldn't it be nice to exercise without actually putting in any effort!? A girl can dream. :-)