Friday, 18 July 2008

Insight finished in a couple of days

This has been a joy to crochet. It is Insight from Everyday Crochet book and made for Vicky. I wish this had been the first Doris Chan I had crocheted and then I would have not struggled so much with my previous projects. It was crocheted in Rowan Hand knit DK Cotton which although it was a joy to crochet with it was riddled with very small knots which I had to undo as I was afraid they would show or unravel if I left them in. I think it could have done with being a few inches longer but I am sure it will drop with wear as cotton is quite heavy. The tie is crocheted in with the edging which is a novel idea.

I have discovered the Doris Chan discussion forums on Ravelry. Quite why I haven't seen them before I don't know as I have read her blog many times. It's official now I am a Doris Chan groupie! I have joined her forums. It's great as she actually answers any problems that people encounter with her patterns. Not many designers (apart from Lavonne) take the trouble to do that and it is so good. I wish I had seen this when I was struggling with her patterns at first. She had also posted a solution to up sizing the Farpoint which I wished I had read before I made mine.

I have unearthed in my stash 500 grams of some very ancient Hayfield Fantasia DK. It's so old it is in 25 gram balls! It is a brown flecked with yellow and red (not as awful as it sounds) and so am going to try to make something wearable out of it. I will post tomorrow what I have decided to make.

It's raining again - what a surprise. I read Rose's blog and apparently Romania is having some kind of a heatwave. I wish she could post some of her sunshine over to the UK. Two of my fellow Knitting Noras Lisa and Jackie have gone to a music festival and are camping. I hope they haven't floated away.


ambermoggie said...

Hello Doris groupie:) You are very fast at crochet Jan and I love the top, perfect colour for vicky:)

June said...

Wow! Jan, you must have sparks flying off your hook. Can't wait to start on mine, but I think it will take me a lot longer than yours did. Looking forward to seeing what you make with the Hayfield yarn.

Crobbles said...

I'm a lucky girl!
It looks wonderful Jan, thank you so much.

The weather forecast for next week is fantastic. Fingers crossed that they are right for a change.

Mad about Craft said...

I love this!

I don't believe you crochet these garments yourself. I think you have slaves in the cellar that you beat endlessly until they've completed what you want them to!!

Zuleika said...

I'm beginning to think you should change your blog name to Lightening Crochet. You are fast Jan! :-) It looks great! I think I'd wear that in black. Hmmm.
I will allow you to be her groupie as long as you're not stalking her. Then, she's off limits to you. ;-)

I love Mad About Crafts comment! lol I'm inclined to agree. ;-)

Cinders said...

Wow jan! Super speedy!! I love your crochet. wish I could knit at half that speed!!

gawd this weather is so depressing isnt it-hey Theres a bit of.... whisper....sunshine... outside just now- I've gone rusty!!!