Monday, 14 July 2008

Farpoint Topper is finished

My version of Doris Chan's Farpoint Topper is finished. It has taken 400 grams of James C Brett's Marble Chunky. As you can see in my version I have distinct lines around the raglan where I had to extend the motif to make it wide enough for me. I had to press out the motifs, which I normally would not do with acrylic as it takes the nature out of the yarn, in order for it to fit also. The pattern was easy and quick to make (2 nights) but it does need to be super chunky for best results. I have also stitched up the neckline to make a slash neckline and double crocheted around there and the bottom edge as it tended to curl, I have also stitched up about 2" under each arm so that it figure hugged as before I did that the topper flared outwards like a bib. It has got 2 sides to it as every motif came out a different colourway and as there is no front or back to it I could wear a different colourway tomorrow! I tried it on over several outfits and decided that it looks best either over a black dress or black skirt/trousers with a black T or sweater underneath. It would look OK with purple or green but needs to have matching top and bottom to look right. I tried it with a different colour top to bottom and as there were too many different edges it distracted from the V edge of the topper.I am not sure at this stage whether I will keep it on a long term basis. I will wear it and see. It's one of those sweaters that get hooked up on every door knob in passing so not exactly a day to day sweater. The bottom photo and yesterday motif photo are the correct colourway for some reason my web cam bleaches colour out of things but I cannot take photos of myself with a digi cam. I have tried the looking through a mirror thing and always finish up with a halo for a head and reflection everywhere.

I phoned the hospital about the letter I got yesterday. It is my POST op letter! The secretary said she would be phoning me very shortly with a new operation date but when I asked which op and which surgeon I got passed around from pillar to post. I got told various things including the fact that I signed my agreement to the lesser operation and should have discussed my concerns with the surgeon. I did say that I tried many times to ask him why it got changed but he never gave me a direct answer. Apparently now I am in a surgeons pool (wish it was a swimming pool in the South of France) and so it is unknown who is doing my op. I have expressed my concerns to Patient Liason who said I was speaking to the wrong person. Apparently I have a right to ask for a consultation with the surgeon or a second opinion (what good would that be if they are all consulting amongst themselves anyway) but that would mean that I say I don't want the operation planned for me now until it is sorted out - so more delays. I got referred back to administration who say they will try to get answers for me as to why I have got changed to a lesser op and who is doing it now. Watch this space. It just seems to me that they can do whatever they think they will and I have no say it what gets done at all. Interestingly amongst all the reasons quoted at me was a very quickly mentioned and very quickly passed over one about financial concerns and budgets. Is this what it all boils down to - big operations cost too much money to the NHS?

I am off to watch Loose Women on TV and have a cup of coffee as I haven't yet had my pills. I have wasted most of the morning on the phone so have only just had my breakfast and haven't even washed my dishes.


ree said...

Fantastic job. The colours are gorgeous. I would love to watch you crochet, your fingers must move like the watsons. I cannot believe how quickly you get through these projects.By the way the time is really 11:00pm

ambermoggie said...

stunning Jan as always and the colours are gorgeous. Could it be adapted/extended by making say part motifs to match? Just a thought as I'm not a crocheter as you know(yet)
Keep pushing with the hospital kiddo, don't let them fob you off. Go to the newspapers/tv tell them you have done so.
You need this op

June said...

Once again, another lovely garment. I would also like to see you crochet, as you must be so fast. You make about three items to my one. Lovely colours and it looks better than the one on Doris Chan.

Zuleika said...

It looks great! I knew you'd make it work. :-)

My goodness those people are frustrating! I can't wait until this is over with and you're recovering nicely. This must be stressing you right out! *hugs*

Mad about Craft said...

When I first saw this garment i wasn't sure I liked it but I do and I love the colourway you've done it in.

As for Hope Hospital!!!! what can I say? It looks like you will have to take whatever op date they give you and then argue with them when you get there. Not satisfactory at all!!!!

Rose said...

Just hoping this time you get your op. what a carry on indeed!!! Pity you can't travel here to Romania we could get it done for you in record time honest!!!!