Sunday, 13 July 2008

Doris must be a considerably smaller lady than I

I am making a top like the one that Doris is modelling from her Amazing Lace Book (sorry Doris I borrowed the photo from your Flickr site) but am having a little difficulty. Not with the pattern this time but the fact that it is one size fits all and as anyone who knows me can see there is twice as much of me than there is of Doris. Plus the fact that I don't think my wool is as thick as the one that she has used.

It is so difficult to gauge what thickness US yarns are compared to UK. US 3 seems to be equivalent to most double knits but US 4 although listed as being thicker seems finer than our Aran and so I have used double knit for those patterns also and just adjusted for size. Not only do the US use different crochet stitch terms but their yarn appears to be different thicknesses also. I have used James C Brett chunky for this garment as it stipulated US 6 but now I look at the book again they call US 6 super chunky and not bulky which I think my yarn is. My wool is probably more of a US 5. My motif, as you can see, I have had to put 2 rows of trebles around it and even then I am doubtful if it will fit around my corpulence. I think Doris has used a super thick ribbon type yarn so that is probably where the trouble lies, Ah well I am sure it will fit someone when it is finished. I can't crochet or knit with ribbon yarn anyway as I flick the yarn as I work and ribbon turns into a twisted string. (Refer back to the chenille shawl which is still untwisting and looping - Grrr) I made 2 motifs last night and it only requires 4 for the garment so it is super quick to crochet. I will let you see the finished results later. Ambermoggie - search your stash for some super chunky (600 grams) as I know you like the pattern. It is so easy to crochet I could make you one in a couple of days! It would come out the right size in thicker wool.

The socks didn't make an appearance last night. When I am in the crocheting frame of mind then knitting takes a back seat. They will get finished off soon,

I went to Bury market yesterday and just happened to pass the wool stall on my way to the Fish and Meat Hall. They had some good bargains but luckily for my purse mostly not in my colours. I did buy some more James C Brett chunky and some purple double knit. The pale blue Beehive chunky I spotted in a charity shop for 25p a ball. Naturally I snapped the 2 balls up as I am sure I will find a use for them either in a shawl or for a hat later. There are loads of charity shops in Bury but I wasn't in the mood for searching every one of them, in the rain, to see if there was any wool (Usually not). I had Ivy my trusty stead with me and as most of the shops are very small and crowded on Saturdays the customers don't like me taking the trolley into the shop and bashing them behind the knees. The shops, unlike the market, are open most days so I can always do the rounds another day.

Today the sun is trying to shine so I have my bedding on the washing line to dry. Buster is lying hopefully on the grass with his ball in his mouth (no chance Buster) Housework is the order of the day I think. Vicky and family have gone to watch kite flying in Morecambe today so check her blog later as I am sure there will be some lovely photos of it on Monday. I never did get the hang of flying one of those things. I have 2 left strings. I used to run and run down hills etc and my kite never got off the ground so I admire anyone with the skills to make one fly.


Zuleika said...

The motif is really pretty! I think she used some sort of ribbon yarn as well.
I guess someone will be receiving a pretty gift from you. :-)

In Bermuda it's tradition to fly Bermuda kites on Good Friday and Easter. We usually make handmade kites, but over the years people are getting lazier and usign plastic ones. I never was very good at flying them though. You need two people to really get them into the air properly.
Here's some kite links:

ambermoggie said...

gorgeous Jan as always:) Haven't any super chunky but could soon get some:) We went down to the kites and are now back home as it was too packed, no where to park and gridlocked the second time. Plus very sore today

June said...

I love the colours of your motif, it will look very pretty when it is done and I look forward to seeing it.

Anonymous said...

Really pretty Jan - but I love purples too! Caroline