Thursday, 3 July 2008

My premonition came true

I have said all along that I didn't think Mr Mohammad wanted to do my operation. First he said it was my weight that was a problem. In fact he called me morbidly obese which he later denied every saying. My BMI was around 35 at that time so I know it was high but I didn't think too high for a much needed op. Then he lost me in the system. The letter of explanation I got when I got the MP involved fluffed about but gave no direct answer except that they could not understand why the notes went to his desk and then disappeared after that. Hmmm. He then said he would operate even though my BMI is still higher at 32 than his limit of 30 because my condition had got so much worse since he had seen me last. And whose fault is that Hmm?

Today I got an urgent message on my answerphone to call the hospital asap. I phoned and got greeted with "You were supposed to be having an operation next week but" not quite the sort of thing I wanted to hear. She went on to say that Mr Mohammad was operating in someone else that day ( excuse me but surely I was booked first?) and so was cancelling my operation. She went on to say I could wait for him but it could be another 2 months before he could fit me in again or I could come tomorrow and see another surgeon who will operate on Friday. Needless to say I chose the last option as I have been barely able to walk today after my stint in the garden. I have got to the end of my tether with the constant pain and the numbness which is not only in my feet but in my legs and buttocks now. I feel it gets worse day by day.

I found out from my son today that Mr Mohammad was supposed to operate on 2 of his work colleagues but they both got cancelled and eventually both swapped to other surgeons. One finished up having to pay privately as he was in so much pain. There is something wrong going on at that hospital or is it just the NHS in general.

I am going in the morning (well today as it is 1am now) to meet up with this new surgeon. I only hope that he is equally qualified as my surgery is rather complex. The person who rang me had no idea whether I am staying in or coming back home and returning early Friday morning. I have been frantically packing and putting credit on my phone etc. Luckily I had bought all my toiletries a couple of weeks ago. My brother is taking me to hospital so I will put my bag in his boot just in case.

Buster has gone off on his holidays to my son's but was looking very fretfully back at me through the car window as he was driven off in the back along with Skye the rottweiler. I hope that he is OK as my son is a lot harsher with him that I am. He is my baby and rather spoilt. I am missing him already and keep turning around to see where he is. I will get him back home again as soon as is possible. He has a tendency to bark to alert me to any strangers in the street so I know he will get into trouble at my son's for his barking when they leave him to go to work. Skye doesn't bark much and they don't want Buster teaching her bad habits.

I believe that I can get on the net from the TV at my bedside so if I am able I will try to blog from there. I will have to lie on my stomach a lot but I am sure that they will have me up and in a chair as soon as is possible. If I don't stay in Thursday I will update you when I come home from my appointment. Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye. Hopefully I will speak to you soon.


Anonymous said...

May everything go smoothly and you will be home better than ever very soon! I will send good vibes across the ocean for ya!

June said...

I will be thinking of you and waiting to hear that everything went well. Good luck, you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Hope everything goes well and you get everything from your operation that you need. Wish you all of the luck in the world. Lynn

Christy said...

Oh My!
Well, know that we will be sending good thoughts and prayers your way!

Good Luck!

ambermoggie said...

sending healing thoughts Jan and will see you soon