Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The socks are finished - on with the crochet again

The socks are finished. I put in a spurt at the King's Arms knitting club last night and got them finished. Rather jazzy don't you think? I am sure that my niece will love them. I can't remember the name of the wool except that it is Opal but I did post it on here a few weeks ago when I started them (as did Ambermoggie on her blog more recently) if anyone likes the colour. I had a good time at the club last night and we had two learner men knitters and our usual band grew to quite a largish band last night filling the snug despite a few regulars being missing. The guy at our table was a lovely young man and has managed to master his knit stitch quite well apart from the regulation few holes at the start.

On the subject of knitting has anyone read the article on Simply Knitting web site?
Apparently the Guardian has been doing pieces this month mentioning knitting and there is supposed to be a supplement in this Saturday's paper. It might be worth mugging a Guardian reader for his supplement.
Steve Wells from the Guardian has done an article saying

"The knitting craze is the death of both alternative culture and feminism. But it's even worse that that," Steve writes. "Scratch a knitter - discover a Knit Nazi. Like the Nazis, alternative knitters have no sense of humour."

I always think of alternative knitters being the ones who knit covers for trees and parking meters. I can't be an alternative knitter - nor can most of my knitting friends as I think we all have such a good sense of humour. Any knit out is always accompanied by lots of laughter. Perhaps we should do a tongue in cheek Knit Out and all turn up in jackboots? I draw the line at wearing the uniform though. Perhaps not the boots either or we might be classed as hooligans in bovver boots!

My Interweave crochet books still haven't turned up from Pavi Yarns but I did get an e mail from them saying their supplier had been to a trade show and should be back today. I do hope that I get them before Thursday as I fancied a bit of light crochet reading in between the hospital sheets.

The weather looks like rain yet again. Where has our Summer gone this year? I guess it will be the track suit bottoms again today. I have barely worn any skirts, shorts or summer tops this year at all.Is is any wonder that most things I crochet have long sleeves?


ambermoggie said...

they look great Jan, have finished mine also:)

Charlie Chuckles said...

Hoorah! The socks are done!

They look top!

Good luck on Friday and let me know if I can do anything for you!

ArtYarn said...

Hiya Jan,

i have started my own blogspot... yay!!
i made a link to your blog from mine, i hope you dno't mind.