Thursday, 24 July 2008

Waiting for 11am

I was chatting to my neighbour Carol over the fence yesterday. She was wearing a blood pressure armband and every few minutes it kept buzzing and inflating which caused us great hilarity. She is being monitored for a day and night to see just how high her blood pressure is. She is only in her 30's but she is a smoker so maybe that is causing it. In the course of our conversation she suddenly burst out laughing and said I like your new plant pot holder. I went around to see what she was pointing at and discovered a weed growing out of my car. Now this is definitely a sign that not only has it stood idle in the driveway far too long but we must have had too much rain! My son arrived later and his eyes immediately saw the weed and yanked it out. He said did you not see it? I said I thought it looked pretty and by the look on his face I thus confirmed his opinion that his mother is stark raving mad. When he was a teenager he once said "You know it hasn't been easy growing up with a ding-bat for a mother!" I did mention to him, in passing, that it might be hereditary so he soon shut up. He came last night to pick up Buster to stay with them for a few days.

After Buster went I went into a cleaning frenzy. The soon to be gone suite got a thorough hoovering to rid it of all dog hair. It was really hard work as hair does cling to velour (moquette) type fabric but I think it looks pretty good now. I like this suite - it is lovely and comfy but the constant hoovering was becoming such a chore. I have washed everything that isn't nailed down and have even done a load this morning when I first got up as the sun is shining and it will be dry soon. I am sitting here waiting for 11am when I am to ring the ward to check if my bed is still available so will leave this blog open so I can add a footnote.

I am also waiting for the postman to see if he has my Interweave Mags which Pavi Yarns have posted. It will be my luck that the Post Office will hang on to them for days and I won't be able to read then until I get back. I have not even got dressed after my shower. I don't want to tempt fate by putting my going into hospital attire just yet.

I rang at 11am to be greeted with - who are you? Oh who is your surgeon. I will let bed management know that you have rung and if there is a bed then they will ring you later. What is your number? Is it just me or does this not sound too promising? Watch this space.

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