Saturday, 5 July 2008

Business as usual

Back to normal today. It's as if yesterday never happened and it was all a bad dream. I went shopping as, of course, I had got rid of all the perishables in the house. Difficult to shop when I know not when (or if) the summons will arrive. I waited until the torrential rain had stopped and the sun came out and sallied forth with Ivy my trusty stead (my 4 wheeled trolley) in the general direction of Tesco. I do apologise to anyone who thought that the hunchback of Notre Dame had come to town but it was only me hunched right over my trolley as my back was giving me a bit of gyp. I managed to get there, and stand upright again, with only a few spots of rain but half way home the heavens opened. Well I discovered that my waterproofs are mis-labelled. They are merely shower proof so I arrived home sopping wet through. Ah the British summer time.

I had started a Doris Chan a couple of days ago and was congratulating myself that I am finally starting to understand her instructions. What do they say about pride cometh before a fall? I got as far as joining the neck and body together only to discover that I had forgotten all about increasing at each end, as well as the raglans, to make the V neck. Undeterred I am pressing on and will either have the only square necked Doris Chan in existence or I have a couple of ideas bubbling in my head as how to deal with the neckline. I just cannot be bothered to undo it right back to the beginning as it is for me and I will turn it into something wearable. The reason it is lying on top of the purple sweater is that I was using it as a template for the size of the body as I thought this sweater was turning out a little wider than the purple.

The wool was one of my charity shop finds and now that I am using it the balls are all in bits and pieces so I will crochet it as far as I can length and sleeve wise. I had packed away my niece's socks just in case I had time to knit before my operation whilst in hospital so I will have to dig them out of the bag again.

Although I am missing Buster I didn't miss having to walk him in the torrential rain today. Plus my back wasn't at it's best today. I do miss his cheery little face and his devotion although I don't miss all his shedding hair.

Tomorrow I am getting visitors. Vicky and Lisa are coming for a visit. It will be nice to have some company as I am still feeling a little shell shocked about yesterday and feel very depressed if I let my mind dwell on it. Back to the crochet to take my mind off it.


Anonymous said...

You do such a wonderful job on any crochet project you do, you amaze me. I am working on my second Sweet Pea and have purchased The Happy Hooker and also Everyday Crochet all from reading your blog and feeling that maybe I could make these things. Thanks for that sense of confidence. I really hope you get your operation soon and that everything works out fine for you. I am glad that I live in the States and don't have to deal with that mess but then the mess we have here is I am thinking just as bad. Have a great day tomorrow and know that there are people out here who care. Lynn

ree said...

You know it's said that everything happens for a purpose. I hope that eventually you will see what that purpose is. Anyhow what would we do without our chochet, eh? It's relaxing and yet stimulating.
At least we've still got your blog to read, but that's a little selfish on my part, sorry. Hang in there sister!