Sunday, 29 June 2008

The toe up sock bites the dust

As you have probably gathered I was not happy with knitting the toe up socks. I would have continued with them but when I go to the Knitting Noras Knit Out today I discovered that there was something drastically wrong with the heel and I had the wrong number of stitches on the needles. I was counting and reading the pattern and could not find out exactly where I had gone wrong and Vicky said why not undo it and start again because you are not really happy with it. I bit the bullet there and then before I changed my mind and unravelled it. The sock is now a half inch long and the wool is rather ravelly as it has been undone twice now. I should hank and steam it but I really can't be bothered. It will unkink when it is washed.

The second granny square shawl is finished but I am not sure whether I like it now it is finished. It is rather bright bu maybe it will grow on me. I ran out of the purple and had to use a similar shade for part of the fringing but it is not too noticeable as I spaced it in and between the original colour and not in one block of fringe. I bought most of the purple and green so once again I haven't used up much of my stashed yarns. I still haven't made up my mind what I want to make next so tonight I will knit some on the socks.

It sounds like the ladies had a good time at Woolfest although the general opinion was that it was rather crowded and I would have struggled to walk through the people which was exactly what I was afraid would happen. It would have been nice to go and see the different wools and knitting paraphernalia. Maybe next year. I will check on Ambermoggie and Vicky's Blog later to see if they have posted photos of their trip. Vicky took her daughter Perran and Lisa took her daughter Storm so it looks like there will be the next generation of budding Knitting Noras blossoming sometime soon.

When Vicky kindly came to give me a lift to what might be my last Knit Out for a few months she brought with her some Knitting Books that she had read for me to look through. If I get bored with my sock knitting tonight I will browse through those. Maybe I will be inspired to start something from one of the books for my next project.


Kathy said...

I don't care to knit socks from the toes up. I would miss the heel flap too much.

And I love to kitchener so definitely socks from the cuff down.

June said...

I really like your purple granny shawl. I hope that now you have unravelled your sock, you will be happier with it this time.

Mad about Craft said...

I don't like toe up socks either, in fact I am rapidly coming to the conclusion I don't like knitting socks much but I WILL finish a pair!!!

I think the shawl is lovely!

Beverly said...

I love the shawl! Your work is well done.

Crobbles said...

If you're stuck for a new project, I'm sure I can find you at least a dozen! Tee Hee. ;-)

The purple shawl is lovely. The full fringe really finishes it off.

ree said...

I am really impressed by how quickly you finish your projects - it looks splendid.

ambermoggie said...

beautiful shawl as always Jan:) Shame about the socks.