Friday, 6 June 2008

I got Tagged

I got tagged by Zuleika so I am entering into the spirit by answered it and tagging other people so be warned!

What was I doing 10 years ago

I was probably running around in circles helping prepare my son's first house ready for him to move into. It was basically a shell and we had a lot of work to do. My ex helped with the manual work and I was the go-fer, utensil and bedding shopper and lotsamoney provider. I was working at the Jobcentre and although I had some very rough customers at the time there was a lot of humour as well as the fear.

Five snacks I enjoy

1. Hula Hoops (plain)
2. Crisps (potato chips) also plain unflavoured ones
3. Toast and jam
4. Crackers and cheese (just plain mousetrap cheese - nothing fancy)
5. Cheese on toast

Five things on my to-do -list today

1. Walk Buster
2. Do housework, hoover up gadzillions of dog hairs etc
3. Tidy up my wool pile which is threatening to take over the dining room.
4. Get showered and dressed
5. Knit socks and crochet some more on the Jewel sweater.

Five things I would do if I was a billionaire

1. Sort out my immediate family's debts and mortgages and pay for my niece Kath's wedding.
2. Think about buying a bungalow even though I love where I live.
3. Get a decent car for me and also get ones for my family.
4. Make sure my friends were OK and sort out any money problems for them.
5. Make sure that my knitty friends all have sufficient supplies of gorgeous wools to caress, pat, snuggle and knit and crochet with.

Five jobs I have had

1. Saturday girl at my parent's wool shop
2. National Provincial Bank (now the Natwest) clerical officer when I was 18 -19
3. Worked and later took over my parent's 3 wool shops.
4. Worked at 3 different Jobcentres after the shop closed
5. Worked part time at Asda Walmart shelf filling whilst still working at the Jobcentre to pay for my new central heating ( I was working 60hrs a week for 18 months)

Five of my bad habits

1. Nail biting (when do I find the time for this as I am always knitting?)
2. Overeating as can be seen by my ample figure.
3. Forgetting things (sign of old age?)
4. Taking on too much (I know my limits at the moment but still push and go over them all of the time causing pain)
5. Talking too much (sign of a person who lives alone)

Five places I have lived

1. Royton near Oldham by birthplace
2. Llanfair Talhaern near Abergele for 12 months when I was 7yrs old
3. Chadderton when we bought our first wool shop
4. My new home town of 40yrs on the outskirts of Manchester that I moved to when I got married
5. There is no 5th as I am not planning on moving as I like it here.

Five people I would like to get to know better (or just annoy by Tagging them to answer this)

1. Vicky - already a good friend
2. Eadaoin
3. Ambermoggie
4. Lisa as she is a little bit whacky like me
5. All of my other blog friends who leave lovely comments. I would have tagged Zuleika but she is the one who tagged me! Anyone else who knows me consider yourself tagged and amongst the ones I would like to know better.

5 Random things about me

1. I have sleep apnoea amongst other complaints
2. I am overweight
3. I talk too much. I know it and get paranoid about it in case I am boring people to death with my chattering.
4. I have a weird taste in clothes that I keep subdued most of the time. I think I stuck in the hippy style of clothing. I have to forcibly stop myself from buying unsuitable items of clothing all of the time. Anything in jewel colours and flowing fabrics grabs my attention.
5. I have a short toe on my right foot(Hereditary from my father's side of the family some have got short toes some have got short fingers)

If you have managed to read this and not got bored then thank Zuleika (Life in the Zu) If it has bored you intensely then you can also blame her!

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Yonner said...

Hello there. I notice you mention Royton in this post. I just thought I'd say that if you want to catch up on what is going on in your home town, please visit and visit the forums. There are lots of people chatting every day.

Keep on blogging!