Sunday, 15 June 2008

Buster's dinner upset my crocheting mojo

I had quite a good day yesterday. I visited Bury market and stocked up on my fresh veg and fruit and even got to visit the wool stall but more of that tomorrow. I had done the usual chores of washing, dog walking and dinner cooking and then started to open a can for Buster's dinner. My wrangles with tin openers are legendary and so I am always very nervous around them. I managed to open the can successfully but then somehow managed to badly cut my finger on the edge whilst spooning out the contents.

For a brief moment I thought that I had got away with it - just sliced the skin but then as if in slow motion the blood started to flow. Eek. Quick turn on the cold tap and hang the finger underneath. It looked bad but then I thought well the water is making it look far worse than it is. Reluctant to stem the flow with my tea towel I grabbed the kitchen roll and wrapped a few sheets around my finger. Whew. Under control once again until the paper turned an alarming shade of red and the blood was dripping down my wrist and onto the floor. Don't panic - press on the wound to make it stop bleeding. My mind was whirling - what if I need a stitch? All of my neighbours are out so have I got enough cash for a taxi? After a few minutes I risked a look under the paper. Still bleeding but the flood had stopped. Panic over I will live. My finger is now securely wrapped up in a dressing with elastoplast and seems to have stopped bleeding but I haven't risked another peek as yet.

The bad news was that it is my middle finger on my right hand. My crochet finger! I did manage to do a bit of crochet last night but I was handicapped with this padded dressing on my finger tip. I will try to reduce it to an Elastoplast today. I think I should invest in an electric can opener but I need one that I can thoroughly wash as I use it to open dog food and would be reluctant to use it for my food unless it was spotless. At the moment I have one can opener for him and one for me. I don't eat much from cans but I do occasionally need to open a can for me.

Not much to report on the crochet or knit front so instead I have shown you photos from the copy of Crochet today May/June 2008that I bought whilst in Bury. The front cover drew me. I did tell you that I was in a granny square phase. I am attracted to the shrug on the front cover but I don't think in all honestly that it is a garment that I would wear myself. Not just because it's granny squares but more the shape is not conducive to a big lass. I do like the beach bag and the shawl and the stash buster blanket so the £3 I spent is worth it just for those. There are many things inside that might be of interest - felted lilies, a mesh beach cover up for those of us slim enough to wear a swim suit and lucky enough to be going away on holiday. Golf club covers for the man in your life, a pin cushion in the shape of a tomato, a filet afghan, a very unwearable very openwork dress, some cushions with relief flowers and leaves sewn on, a baby dress which is very old fashioned looking, some earrings(not for me), a truly awful swingy sundress and skirt, tiny amigurumi style teddies, a granny square back pack and a crochet hanger for your plant pots reminiscent of those string macrame holders we all bought in the 70's.


June said...

Hope your finger gets better quickly, so that you can get on with your crochet. I feed my dog on Butchers in those square containers and you don't need a tin opener for them, just pull the lid off. Can't wait to see what you got from the wool stall yesterday. :)

ambermoggie said...

poor jan:( Hope you are ok
youa re teasing us about the wool shop:)
That magazine looks wonderful, one of these days I'll try something other than my big one piece crochet blankets

Mad about Craft said...

I was drawn to the front cover of this mag but when I flicked through it I decided I probably wouldn't do anything out of it but now I've seen your photos I might have another look.

Zuleika said...

Good grief!! I hope your finger gets better soon. Can't have it affecting your crocheting! ;-)
Please buy an electric can opener or some other safer gadget! They sell can openers now that cut the top off and leave a smooth edge so you have no accidental cuts.

The magazine doesn't look too bad. I'm not sure about that granny square top though. Well, atleast not on us big chested folk. lol
Are you feeling nostalgic lately? You seem to be talking a lot about the old days. ;-) I wonder what other granny square projects you'll be shelling out. :-)

veganknitter said...

Poor old you! Hope the finger gets better soon.

PS I have a new cat who adopted me and he is called Buster (Buster Kitten - because he has an unchanging expression, he is black and white and does his own stunts)

See you soon I hope

Sarah x