Wednesday, 4 June 2008

As I walked along the road to town with an independent air

This is my new friend and latest member of my family. Her name is Ivy in honour of the lady from Freecycle who donated it to me. I wheeled her to the shops and she held all of the shopping laid out in the last photo (well apart from the Tupperware containers). Bravo Ivy she might be a little battered and well worn but boy is she a worker! Shopping was so easy today. My bag of bread balanced on the top so I had NOTHING to carry! Whoopee. We did have a dodgy moment with a high kerb and she is a little rigid in her steering but we had a good shopping trip together.

I went to the GP's today to explain what had happened to me. I might as well have saved my breath. Although he agreed that I had been badly treated and his opinion was that a water infection should not have caused my operation to be cancelled he said there was nothing he could do. He agreed that the hospital policy was bad but said the government had caused all of this with their deadlines and hospitals were so scared of repercussions of operating on anyone who was not 100% fit for surgery for a non urgent operation that they err on the side of safety all the time. His only advice was to sit and wait for my date. He has taken another urine sample from me just to be sure that the infection has gone altogether. As for my feeling depressed his advice was try not to think about it. As I said a fat lot of good he was! If I still felt this way in a couple of weeks come back. If I do I will see the other partner next time. When I mentioned my over eating and weight gain he said well if you feel the urge to eat then overeat on fruit then. I really get the feeling that no-one in the medical profession takes anything I say seriously.

I did a bit more on Doris Chan last night but to rest my wrists I started knitting a pair of socks. I had to unpick though and restart as I was using a multi coloured fluffyish yarn and not only did I keep splitting my stitches I kept going wrong even with a simple 4 row pattern. I guess my mind was elsewhere so I have restarted them but this time in stocking stitch. My niece didn't arrive last night as she was waiting for her washing machine man to come and plumb it in. She is going all domesticated. 4 yrs married and this is her first washing machine. She must have fallen out with the launderette on the corner. She is maybe coming around tonight so my socks will get put on one side.

Ivy and I might plan a trip to Bury one day and get some vegetables and fruit from the outdoor market. I am sure it will be cheaper up there. I can also visit the meat and fish market as I no longer have to carry things.

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Zuleika said...

Ha! I thought we were the only ones to name out trolleys! lol