Saturday, 28 June 2008

Woolfest and The Borrowers

My Knitting Noras group have gone on a coach trip to Woolfest in Cockermouth today. I wish I was going with them but I know that it would have been too much for me. I would have held everyone up with my slow walking and constant need for a seat. I will be seeing a lot of them tomorrow at the monthly Knit Out so hope that they all have wonderful tales to tell me and bring the goodies that they have bought. It is a yearly event so I will have to save my pennies for next year. There will be different dyers, spinners and wool manufacturers there. I think it's mostly the "little" people of the industry rather than the moguls but I will find more about it tomorrow. I am with them in spirit. You lucky girls.

I always read Doris Chan's blog
and today I dared to leave her a comment. No - not that kind of comment! I know I don't always understand her crochet instructions, as my former posts will tell you, but I do admire her as a designer. Her taste is not always exactly my taste but that is the whole point of designing. To make something different than the norm. To please everyone all of the time would be boring. I don't think Doris would be too unhappy with my adapting her designs anyway. I think she would be rather pleased that she has encouraged me to do my own thing using her themes.I always credit her with the inspiration when I make something.

Anyway today she was talking about the book "The Borrowers" by Mary Norton from her childhood. I have always been blessed with a vivid imagination and as a child I loved that book. I read it, and it's follow on books, until the covers wore off them. I also imagined that I had a family of little borrowers living invisibly in my house who made use of small household items like sewing cotton bobbins to make their furniture etc. As a 7yr old I would try to stay awake to see if I could catch them as they came out from behind the skirting boards on their evening excursions. I never did of course but that didn't stop me from believing they were there! Hey who am I kidding I still believe they are there. I live alone, apart from Buster, so who else pinches the little things that I leave lying about? I thoroughly recommend the book to anyone who has imaginative little girls - or if you still love reading children's books.

I had a wonderful afternoon yesterday. I got invited, with a couple of King's Arms knitters, Rachael and someone whose name eludes me ( I really am getting terrible at remembering names) to an afternoon of knitting/crocheting at Charlie's house. We were made very welcome and the afternoon just whizzed by and I was truly surprised to find it was almost 7pm when I got back home. I hope I didn't wear out my welcome. Her husband was unfazed by the sight of 4 crafters in his lounge when he arrived home from work eating a table full of nibbles. Now that is one good husband. My ex would have freaked out! Charlie has one of those kind of houses that make you feel at home from the minute you enter. I am very sensitive to atmosphere etc and I won't stay long in some of my friends houses. Not because I don't like my friends but there is just something about their houses that makes me feel uncomfortable and I cannot relax. I don't tell them of course. My mother brought me up better than that! P.S - Charlie don't ever throw that sofa out. It is far too comfortable.

Today I have food shopping and cleaning to do. I really hate the way cleaning eats into my crocheting time but Buster makes it a must. He is a very hairy dog who despite constant brushing and hoovering (please don't report me to the RSPCA - he loves it) sheds all over the house. I have thought of collecting his hair and getting it spun but am doubtful if I could wear a dog hair scarf as I think it would be very itchy. Buster is wearing his sad expression today as he gazes out of the window watching the rain. He didn't get a walk yesterday and boy did he let me know. He won an Oscar for sulking performance last night! I am trying to persuade my son to come and take him for a run with his dog on Sunday whilst I am out on the Knit Out. He really enjoys being with them for a few hours. I feel that he needs the companionship and exercise of someone younger and more energetic from time to time.

I have finished crocheting all of the squares for my second granny square shawl and so will hopefully finish that off later today. I still haven't made a decision on the next project but I need to make some squares for the Oxfam appeal and make some kind of contribution to the knitted chandelier that the King's Arms ladies have been working on. I thought perhaps some crochet flowers or a lacy trim for the edge. Everything they have made so far is a silver grey so I will have to search for something suitable in my bit box. Maybe a bit of very pale blue will fit in with the colour scheme. That will occupy me until I make a decision as will the toe up socks if I ever get around to finishing them.


ree said...

I love the colours in your new shawl, can't wait to see the finished product. That Buster looks like he would be a great artist's model, he is so photogenic and so moody looking. He must be a real character, like his mistress.

Kathy said...

I love The Borrowers and just re-read them last month.

I am impressed by all you do in spite of the pain.

And dogs have the pout routine down to a science. My bitty dog does the accusatory stare that just pours on the guilt when I don't walk him.

Of course, he is the boss of me.

ambermoggie said...

you were much missed at Woolfest Jan. Love the shawl