Thursday, 5 June 2008

Socks and more socks

I am still on top of the world after yesterday's good news. I went to water aerobics and it felt so good to be able to answer the question "Any news yet?" with "Yes - I have a date" Everyone is so happy for me. The phone rang a few times last night in response to the texts that I sent out telling my news.

Doris Chan still continues to dog me. I have managed to sort out the Jewel sweater. As you can see from the photo it is progressing nicely. Last night I took my Interweave magazine to bed with my Horlicks and was reading Doris Chan's article on shaping whilst leaning on my elbow. I suddenly got the most excruciating pain through my back and couldn't move. I think Doris is getting her revenge on me for calling her instructions hard to follow. This morning my shoulder blades were still very tender. I suppose this is proof that I am too heavy for my elbows these days. I am trying to lose some weight now that I have a date to aim for.

My niece Vicky came last night and brought her unfinished socks. I knew that there was no way that I could replicate her tension so decided to bite the bullet and unravel what she had started. Not an easy decision as she had almost finished one sock. The wool is Regia 6ply and quite thickish so should not take long to knit. The second pair she had only knitted about 3" but she could not find the pattern that she had used or the label. I think it is self striping fair isle Opal so any sock pattern should be OK to use. My niece wants plain stocking stitch socks as the toe socks that I made for her had the pattern on the sole and she finds them uncomfortable if she walks on floorboards.The wools she has bought are bold and stripey so do not need a pattern stitch to show it off.

The third photo is a sock that I started from the wool that my friend Vicky gave me at Christmas. Those will have to take a back seat until I have finished Vicky's socks and the Jewel sweater. I also have another purple Sweet Pea shawl to make before I go into hospital.


Zuleika said...

My goodness you're busy! :-) I love the sock yarn colors! If I were you I'd expect a comment from Doris Chan very soon. All this talking about her must have her ears tingling. lol

Check out my blog, you've been tagged! Don't fret, it's not compulsory to do it if you don't feel like it. :-)

knitting dragonfly said...

Nice! I know in this weather, it seems socks are great to work on.