Saturday, 7 June 2008

My letter has arrived

My letter is here, It's officially written down in black and white. I have to ring on the 9th July at 11am to check there is still a bed available for me (an accident waiting to happen? - please NO,NO,NO) Provided there is a bed I have to then take myself down to be admitted on Wednesday ready for my operation very early on Thursday morning. It seems real now that I have the letter. Time to drag out the hospital nighties, dressing gown and slippers that I bought over 2 yrs ago and give them a quick wash. I had also crocheted a bed jacket and a bed cape. They have probably all gathered dust there hanging in the wardrobe and I don't want to take any dirt or germs in with me. I shall pack my knitting or crochet as I think Wednesday wil be a long boring day if they say come in during the day. I will need something to calm my nerves.

I take a look from day to day on Flickr at other people's knit and crochet and came across this wonderful site
I doubt if I would ever wear any of her hats but they are fabulous. They are works of art and such vibrant colours. I will keep an eye on her photos in the future.

The socks are progressing as you can see. I unravelled the sock my niece had already partially knitted and am galloping along re-knitting this first sock. I really like knitting with this Regia 6ply but think it would be a little thick to use with shoes. Vicky wants them for house socks so they should be ideal. I just love the vibrant colours of the stripes. It somehow makes it quicker to knit watching the stripe pattern emerge and as these are so random that it all the more interesting.

Doris is progressing well. I have put a bit of another of her patterns on to mine as I liked the neckline finish of another of her sweaters so Incorporated it into mine. There is quite a lot of work still to do as my sweater is crocheted more densely than the pattern. I am not a lover of anything too openwork as I feel I have to wear a T underneath so tend to make anything destined for me to wear on a smaller hook so it isn't see through. The wool I am using is quite thick for a double knit (it had no labels so I am unsure quite what it is) and so will be a nice heavy winter sweater once it is finished. If I make this again I will choose a lighter yarn and a bigger hook to get rid of some of the weight. As you can see I am crocheting part of the sleeves and part of the body. I am trying to spin out the remaining yarn to get the look I want. Hopefully with longer sleeves and body as I think it needs long sleeves in this weight.

A dull miserable day. My bedding and towels are hanging limply on the line so I doubt that much will dry today. My friend has informed me that rain is on the way so I will have to keep an eye open for that as I don't want things to get even more wet. Yesterday I managed to mow the lawn and trim the hedge a wee bit. Today it's just boring old housework as I have no need to go shopping today. Buster thinks housework is completely unnecessary and follows me about with such a hound dog expression carrying his ball. It's not easy throwing a ball and hoovering at the same time!

My friend Vicky is doing her "Walk for Life" this weekend with her friend Hils. I hope that the rain stays off whilst she does this. I haven't sponsored her officially yet so will have to add my bit when I next see her. My neighbour Julie is battling cancer at the moment and is not very well. One of the treatments that she had last week made her very ill. It made her heartbeat slow right down and everyone was very concerned. She has lost all of her hair now. Last week's treatment was supposed to be her last and she has a follow up scan in 3 weeks time. I hope all is well with her as she is such a lovely girl and has been a great neighbour to me over many years.

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knitting dragonfly said...

Glad you got your letter and are ready to go (almost)