Sunday, 1 June 2008

Lisa's birthday and knit out day

Today we had an extra Knit Out day because it was Lisa's birthday. Vicky came to pick me up and we had a great time. I think Lisa was very happy with all the presents that the Noras had made and bought for her. She had a full zipped case of wooden crochet hooks that her friend Jackie bought her. She is learning to crochet and so was very pleased with that. Eadaoin had made her ear rings, Jen made her a pinafore and headband and she had some lovely Lush soaps, conditioners and various other toiletries from Vicky plus some hand dyed sock wool. She had some more hand dyed wool and other gifts which I can't quite remember. I know she had some more ear rings. I made her the crochet waistcoat in the picture plus a bag. It is very colourful but Lisa likes the unusual so I knew she would like it. I made myself the same waiscoat years ago but in darker colours which I will post a photo of later in the week. I will also post photos of the crochet bag tomorrow. These have been the secret projects that I have been working on this last week. I think she had a very good birthday. I was happy watching her face as she opened all the presents. It was like Christmas all over again.

I had a bit of a shock last night. I dragged out my mother's trusty Bernina sewing machine to sew the lining for Lisa's bag and when I had almost finished there was a loud flash and bang and I thought that the light had blown up. As there was a smell of burning I immediately pulled the plug out. A little while later I tentatively plugged it back in fully expecting it not to work but it started sewing again. I don't know what happened there. I will have to get the machine checked out before I ever use it again!

When Vicky came she brought me a lovely surprise present of some hand knit ankle socks and I will take them off my feet and photograph them tomorrow if I can bear to take them off again!

My son came this morning and picked Buster up. He came home again later this afternoon after spending most of the day playing with their dog, running around in the fields and going for a swim. He was a bit naughty and bit Skye near her eye but Ian seemed OK with that as he said Skye was really annoying Buster so he snapped at her. He is fast asleep on the sofa twitching and yelping in his dreams so I think he had a really good time.

My son brought me the 4 wheeled shopping trolley that I had given to me via Freecycle. The lady who donated it had kept it in her shed for quite a while so I have hosed it out and it is drying ready for it's outing tomorrow. I will re-cycle my 2 wheeler trolley as one of my old neighbours was chatting about getting one. He is in his 80's and unable to carry much shopping. If he hasn't already bought one then he can have this one of mine. I did knock earlier but there was no-one home.

I took my Interweave crochet magazines to the Knit Out and lots of the girls liked them. I might enquire how much it is to get a subscription for the year and hint like mad to my family later in the year for either Birthday or Christmas.

I enjoyed my outing today. It helped me to forget ( well not forget but put it out of my mind for a while) the disappointment I suffered earlier this week. I think because I live alone I feel it more.

I have re-started my purple crocheted Doris Chan Jewel this afternoon. I am still winging it as I go along and hope that all will be well once I get to the end of the raglan. It is top down so it's critical to get the shapings right otherwise the sweater will not look right once it divides for the sleeves and body.

My nieces didn't make it to see me today. Kath had to catch her train back to London. Vic will visit me one night in the week and bring her half completed socks. I think I might have to start off again from the beginning as she knits a lot tighter tension than I do so if she has only done one leg then I could not replicate the other leg the same size.

I must stop eating. I am a depressive compulsive eater. if everything is well in my life I eat normally and healthily but when something rocks my world then I comfort eat. I don't go for chocolates or biscuits like most women would. With me it's anything and everything. I usually crave savoury and not sweet. If I carry on eating it will give the hospital another rod to beat me with, another reason the kick me off the operation list again.


Cathrine said...

Hi Janet:

I can sympathize/empathize with your current "healthcare" problems; our Ontario OHIP system is based on the NHS.

My husband was scheduled to have hip replacement surgery on May 1st, so we set up everything to be ready for nothing but recuperation from that date - only to be told a week before that his surgery had been put over to the 9th.

When we arrived at the hospital at the appointed time, he was taken through, put in his little gown and had the IV inserted; then, one of the doctors found a "problem with his blood" - so the surgery had to be postponed yet again. (This "problem with his blood" had been noted at his pre-op but the Blood Centre had not followed through on the tests!)

Finally, on the 14th, he actually had his surgery. We told no-one until after it had really happened, just in case - twice bitten, thrice shy(?).

I do hope you too will have relief from your pain (and anxiety) and understand the frustration of dealing with other people, who may not grasp the severity of that pain (my husband's sister is a perfect example of the "it's not that bad is it?" type, who seem to think you just WANT to have a total hip replacement and be out of commission for several months).

Now I'm getting annoyed again, so I will sign off, with kind thoughts for you and Buster -


Crobbles said...

I'm glad you like the socks. The yarn was delightful to knit and Posh Yarn is definitely addictive.