Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Oh no - I am at it again!

I went to the regular Monday night Knit Out at the Kings Arms in Salford last night. I was at a crucial heel turning moment on the toe up socks (is it just me or do they look like huge flat footed clown socks?) so decided not to take them with me. I just grabbed the proposed granny square colours and a hook and took that with me instead.

I am sewing the tails in as I go along this time hence the split stitch markers in the centre marking the right sides of my squares. I think I will go with the colours I have chosen although the one with the bright pink does look a bit startling compared to all of the others. I might have a re-think on that one before I crochet any more squares.

There was a lady there who had come visiting to try to get us to knit some squares for the Oxfam blanket appeal to raise awareness of maternal deaths through childbirth. Link below if you want to knit some.


She had visited the Knitting Noras of Bolton when they had their Public Knitting Day last Saturday. She tried to take my squares with her when she left! I said sorry no - these are for my project. I will make her some others but not in multi colours as I hate the stitching all the tails in.

Today is Charlie from the King's Arms knitters birthday and we might all be meeting up tomorrow for a birthday knit out on her lawn if the weather holds. She loves old and vintage knitting patterns so I have reached down my other patterns that were stored in the loft. The boxes that you can see are approximately a half of all of my patterns. The rest are stored in the pantry down stairs. The 4 magazines pictured here are some of the US ones that I pestered my mother to order for me from the newsagents. Ordering magazines from the US was not the norm in the 60's so I feel very privileged to own them. They date from 1964 - 8. My mother stopped the order when I got married much to my annoyance. The rest of the box has a selection of Phildar and other books from 60's - 80's I guess today I will be wandering down memory lane and reading these instead of getting on with my work

Charlie went to London at the weekend and went to I Knit London wool shop. She said it was her idea of heaven. The kind of wool shop that she would like to own one day. They have coffee and chilled wine that you can buy whilst you browse and buy or simply sit on the leather sofas and knit. I have seen the photos from I Knit London shop on Flickr. Sounds wonderful but I think more for the "in" places of London that here up North. Maybe I could have hung on to my shop if I had had a sofa and coffee! I doubt it as things like that have become more fashionable in the many years since my shop had to close. I do miss the life I had back then but my good memories are pre the money worries I had when the business slumped and I was desperately trying to save it. I often think if I had still been in business when e bay became so popular I would still have the shop as I had a massive stock that could have been sold online as well as in the shop.


Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful squares you made there... :)

enid in puerto rico

June said...

What a treasure trove you have stored in those boxes and what a good job that you kept them all those years. How wonderful to own a woolshop where people come to chat and knit and crochet, drink wine or coffee, I didn't know that such a place existed until you told us about it. May be worth a visit someday.

Mad about Craft said...

I love old needlework mags. I watch out for them in charity shops and our scout jumble sale.

ree said...

I like the sound of the I Knit London wool shop but imagine there'd be a few stitches dropped as the wine is sipped.