Thursday, 26 June 2008

Phildar shawls

Whilst browsing in the Phildar books that I retrieved from the loft I had forgotten how beautiful their shawls were. Every book has at least 2 crochet shawls in it. I have just photographed a few of them. I made a couple from the books at the time/ The bottom photo is what is left of the lovely shawl I crocheted (see the next to last photo) which was greatly admired until I washed it. It had taken me a long time to make it as it is huge. I had used the wool specified on the pattern Phildar Camargue if I remember rightly and although I am a very careful washer the shawl went limp and stringy and now looks like a badly crocheted spiders web made of parcel string. Nowadays I just chuck it in the washer as it can't get any worse. The damage was done in the first wash. I fold it in two when I wear it around my shoulders and it still manages to cocoon most of me.

I will take another look at the Phildar shawls in more detail later as they were all made in fine wool and might be more suitable for Christmas presents in stead of the thick Doris Chan ones.

I am still bravely soldiering on with the squares for my second granny square shawl. I am sewing in the tails as I go along this time but still have another 18 to make before I get to the edging and fringe. The socks are still languishing on the coffee table until I steel myself to pick them up again. I think they will be my first and only pair of toe up socks. I am just not as comfortable knitting them that way as I am with top down socks.

Today I got soaked through walking back from water aerobics. Buster was waiting for his walk so I changed into a second set of waterproofs ( the first jacket obviously isn't completely waterproof as my shoulders were wet) and I got as far as the front door. Buster is a walk in all weathers kind of dog but he turned tail and went back indoors and sat down on the sofa. I have never known him turn down a walk before. Eventually the rain slowed and we went out. The river which meanders through the wood had turned into a raging torrent and had flooded it's banks making the bottom path flooded up to a foot deep in parts so we had to retrace our steps back up the hill. Buster really wasn't happy and was just plodding his way along the path instead of tearing up and down searching for sticks as per usual. When I got to the gate I was intending to walk around the other part of the park but he just went and stood next to the gate as if to say - Enough mum I want to go home. I dried him off and he is curled up on the sofa now. I think maybe he is having a bit of an off day.

The rain is pounding down again so I think it's time for a coffee and sit and crochet a few more squares. I still haven't decided which project I want to make next. I don't want to start something I am not certain about as I know I will probably not finish it. It's unusual for me not to have the next project all lined up but I want something that I can finish before I go in hospital.


June said...

The Phildar shawls are really beautiful. They really do look better in a thinner yarn. I remember buying Phildar yarn, but I don't think I have seen it here for a long while now. It has been a lovely sunny day down here in Essex. Sending some of the sunshine up to you.

Mad about Craft said...

I used to love Phildar yarn, I felt it was so much more special than the Sirdar or Patons of the day (I am going back to the early 80's).

I love the cream shawl on the very left of the 2nd photo.

I don't blame Buster not wanting to go 'walkies'. You're a horrible Mum for making him go!!!! LOL

knitting dragonfly said...

The shawls are beautiful. I don't blame Buster, he knew you both should stay in.

Amanda said...

The Phildar shawls are breathtaking, I especially love the first one.

Crobbles said...

Oh, you temptress!
How many shawls can a girl have! They are so lovely, I want at least one of each!

ambermoggie said...

incredible shawls and I especially love the last one Jan as I love big shawls:) Saw someone at Woolfest wearing a long draped jacket in crochet came to floor almost and rounded at bottom as though sleeves had been stitched out of a basic shape? Should have taken picture but forgot.