Tuesday, 17 June 2008

New books have arrived

As you can see from the photo heavy blog today my new book from Doris Chan has arrived. I also got a sock book but haven't even looked at that yet!
What can I say the photos speak for themselves. I love a lot of them but will have to adapt (no change there then) as I prefer my shawls to be more ethereal than chunky but that is my personal choice. Most of these garments and shawls appeal to be either in Aran thickness or chunky and whilst I love their design I don't think I would want the weight.
Nothing much to blog on craft wise except that my finger end has almost healed and I am back to my crocheting.
The hospital technician decided, without warning, to yank my legs skywards to put a cushion underneath my knees whilst I was lying on the MRI scan table. I think my yelp of pain echoed around the corridors and I could barely walk back to the car. thanks for that one mate - I will avoid you like the plague if I need another scan.


Zuleika said...

I love that pink top! They're all beautiful! You'll definitely find something suitable for the wedding. I hope that technician slips and hurts her back today. hee-hee

June said...

Isn't is great when a parcel arrives. That book has some beautiful patterns, but I hope they are not as difficult to understand as her other book was. Ouch! What a stupid thing for a technician to do when they know you have a bad back.

Mad about Craft said...

I can't wait to see how you 'adapt' these patterns. Watch and learn, Doris!!

Christy said...

I think I may have to get me that lace book. Such pretty work, and there's a perhaps false sense that it could result in some instant gratification since it might go fast.