Sunday, 22 June 2008


I still have the edging and the fringing to do on the granny square shawl. I finally managed to sew in all of the tails last night. It was a marathon task. I am going to mark the right sides of my squares and sew the tails in on the wrong side as I go along on my next one. Hopefully there will be photos of the finished shawl tomorrow.

I have so many projects whirling in my mind and so much stash to choose from that I am really undecided what my next project will be. I am still on the first toe up sock for my niece so have those to finish before I go in hospital but I do like to have some crochet on the hook as well as knitting to give my wrists and fingers a break. Hopefully it will all come to me in a blinding flash as I do my housework or when I walk Buster. I work out some of my best projects in my head whilst dog walking. I have bought some colours to incorporate with stash for another granny square shawl but am unsure if I feel like starting another just yet. The colours I am playing with are in the top photo. Maybe I will finish off the cardigan I started a couple of years ago and then stuffed in a drawer and forgot all about. I have almost finished the back of it. Another reason why I should stay untidy and leave things lying around. For some reason I fell out with crocheting it and just pushed it into a bag. If I can find the pattern I might have another try at finishing it off. I like the way the stitch looks but maybe I didn't like crocheting it - I will find out later no doubt.

I am already trying to work out my Christmas knitting and crochet projects. Who would like what etc. I crafted myself into a frenzy last year so am hoping to take a bit of pressure off this year by starting earlier. I did buy 4 mugs from Dunhelm as stocking fillers but they only had 4 of our family's names so I could not get one for everyone.

The day is miserable and windy. I have pegged my throw on the line but had to use 8 clothes pegs to prevent it flying into next door.

I have coloured my hair today as my friend Caroline could not come to do it for me this weekend. My dark roots (well maybe they are grey by now - who knows) were making me look like a Coronation Street extra.

I just read an article saying that people who knit and crochet are happier and healthier than people who don't. I don't know about the healthier although apart from my back I don't suffer many other ailments that people my age do. Anyone who visits our Knit Out will vouch for the fact that we are a happy smiley bunch and there is always lots of laughter in our corner of Costa Coffee. I did try to post a link to the article on our web site but for some reason it would not work after I posted it. I will try it again on here and see if it works

if it doesn't work as a click link maybe you could copy and paste the whole title onto your search browser.


June said...

I completely agree that doing crochet makes you feel relaxed and content. It is never too early to start Christmas making and I have already crocheted three Fat Bottom Bags from the Happy Hooker book and they have turned out really well and will make lovely presents. Looking forward to seeing what you decide to make.

Mad about Craft said...

I know how you feel. I want to do so many projects but I haven't got enough time.

I have also been thinking about Christmas crafting but haven't come to any great conclusions yet.

I agree with the thinking that knitters and crocheters are happier and healthier, I have certainly felt a lot better since I've been blogging, crafting and thinking about crafting!

Christy said...

I'm the same way lately with my fiber. I've got about a pound of fiber I need to spin, and yet I'll buy more - just because it's pretty.