Saturday, 21 June 2008

Bury Market - officially the best market in the UK

I braved the rain and armed only with my purse and trusty steed Ivy I went to Bury market. There are placards and streamers everywhere declaring that Bury market has been judged the best open market in the UK. It was thronging with people despite the rain.
I went to my stall called appropriately The Wool Stall to search out bargains. I am a cheap and cheerful kinda girl these days and whilst I do love the quality yarns my purse veers towards the other.

The ones I bought today were not the ones I went for. The thing about a market stall is that if you don't buy when you see the wool is gone the week after. I am happy with my purchases even if they are a substitution. The two packs were £5.99 each. The top pack yarn colours can be seen in more detail in the separate balls photo. I also bought 3 more balls of the lilac random James.C Brett that I had bought last week plus some balls of purple, lilac and olive green to incorporate into another shawl. 80p a ball for 100 grams. Of course it's acrylic and probably not good quality but it will be fine for a shawl. My total outlay was less than £20 so I am very happy.

The granny square shawl has now been crocheted together and is awaiting a border and fringe. The third picture is the nightmare one. I love making granny squares but it takes forever to darn in all of the tails! The first picture shows it pinned together without its half squares. The second shows close up of some of the squares plus the pins. For my next shawl I will try using circular plastic stitch markers or big paper clips as the safety pins entwined themselves into the wool and were a bit of a bugger to get out again.

I hope to get it finished off tonight if I don't get too bored with all the darning. To try and go back to do some more rows on the toe up socks - if the lure of my new wool doesn't grab me. I have decided no more trips to the market until after my op. The fish and meat market is another lure but I shall resist. Yeah right - Ha Ha - watch this space.


Zuleika said...

I wish I could go to that market. You always have such great bargains! I'd dread having to weave in all those ends. *shudder*

ambermoggie said...

definately going to the market when I come and visit:) The shawl is lovely Jan as is the purple sweetpea one.

Lesalicious said...

Loving the shawl so cute. It looks so natural great work.:)

June said...

We have a market here in Romford Essex, but I don't think it is as good as the markets up North. In fact, they do not have a wool stall at all here. I really like the yarn that you have bought today, it will make up into something beautiful.

Julie said...

I don't like tails either, with a project like the shawl (which is lovely) I would of done the tails as I went along and not do them all at once. It gets old fast constatnly darning in a lot of tails.

Mad about Craft said...

Love the shawl.

I WILL come to Bury market!!!!!!

I am crocheting at present and it is your fault!!!!