Monday, 23 June 2008

My shawl is finished

The shawl is finally finished. The tails though will I fear be always with me. No matter how well I think I have darned them in little ends keep poking through her and there to haunt me! What surprises me the most is that I can make a shawl this large and not make even a hole in my stash. The main part of the of the shawl and fringing was made from 200 grams of Patons Symphony and 200 grams of James C Brett Marble that I bought from the charity shop for the massive sum of £2.50 for the 4 balls. The rest of the colours are odd 50 gram balls of Robin Diamante, Sirdar Silky look and Patons Classic cotton left over from past finished projects. The whole shawl is a mix of thicknesses and textures.

It is quite large and very warm when I tried it on last night. I have decided to leave the fringe uncut as I can never get it level anyway. I can;t even cut my fringe straight! My shawl has a distinct wrong and right side as you can see from the third photo showing where I have crocheted the squares together. I just cannot face sewing squares together. The tails are enough for me!

I have returned to the toe up socks and got as far as turning the heel. I don't think that I am as enamoured of the toe up as I am of the conventional top down. The shapings are certainly neat but because I am not au fait with the technique I feel like I am wrangling with the pointy sticks again just like I did when I first started knitting in the round on 5 needles.

My internet has been down all of the morning and I felt quite deprived. I could not check my e mails etc or have my daily browse of the blogs. I will have to go now and clear the 100 or so e mails from Freecycle and Realcycle although at the moment I have stopped reading them properly as I have no car to collect anything that I might want. I will browse the blogs when I come back from taking Buster for his afternoon walk.

I am off to the Kings Arms tonight for my couple of hours knitting. I keep thinking that I will buy one of those stick on lights as the lighting in the snug is very low and it's difficult to see stitches especially if my work is dark. I will take the socks and hope that I can see them. I still haven't decided whether to finish off the partially completed crochet cardigan or start another project as yet.


Anonymous said...

looks lovely Jan. I'm hoping to learn toe up while at Woolfest:)

ambermoggie said...

oops the anonymous was me:)

Crobbles said...

It looks beautiful. I think I'll be having a go. You'll have to show me how to do the half squares/ triangles for the edge.

Ree said...

Your shawl looks fantastic and I can just imagine how cosy and comfy it would feel. Love the fringe. You certainly don't waste time in finishing your projects. Thanks for sharing them.

Mad about Craft said...

What a beautiful shawl!!!! I love the subtle colours.

Anonymous said...

hiya Jan,
this is beautiful!! i really want you to show me to make these coloured granny squares next week!! hehee

i'm going to ask them to sort the lighting out at the kings,, or maybe i will have to bring some floodlights.. hahahahaha. it does get a bit dark in there, its a shame because it a nice room isn't it?

see you monday hopefully..
rachael (the kings)