Monday, 2 June 2008

Is it really June?

The calendar says it's June but the weather outside is definitely not warm enough. What is happening to our weather? Where have the seasons all gone to? I would trade having a colder winter for a bit of warmth in the summer. I have a rail full of summer tops that barely see the light of day unless they are under a cardigan.

As promised yesterday I did manage to take my new socks off long enough to photograph them but they went straight back on again. Cheers Vicky they are lovely and warm. Shop bought socks leave marks on my legs as the elastics are too tight so hand made socks are just right. Vicky made them in Lucia 30% Cashmere, 70% Merino from Posh Yarns so I will have to be extra vigilant to make sure that they don't get in the washer by mistake! Have you checked out Vicky's blog lately? Use the link on the right and check out the gorgeous Forest Canopy shawl that she has just finished. I definitely do not have the patience for one of those - way too many stitches and far too complicated for my fuddled brain!

The photo of the bag is one that I made for Lisa. She does have a colourful taste in clothing and did like the colours that I made it in - honest. The lining inside was what I was sewing when my late mum's Bernina sparked out on me.

Last night I finished off my pair of house/bed socks in the thicker wool and will photograph them once I have grafted the toe. I have gone back to Doris and am almost up to the division for the body and sleeves. I am still winging it but I have got the required number of shell patterns for the division so wish me luck. I really should write down what I do and then I would have a better idea for my next one.

I was OK yesterday. I think the company of the Knit Out girls and later my son and daughter in law kept me from thinking about myself. I had a couple of phone calls in the evening which occupied me also. I may be going to a Knit Out at the Salford Arms tonight if Charlie is going. She has been on holiday to Italy but I think she said she would be back for tonight's Knit Out. When I am with people it gives me other trains of thought for a while.

I may take my new trolley for it's maiden voyage this week. I will be one of those kamikaze old biddies that cuts people off at the ankles as I pass by so be warned! Should I put an L plate on it?

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Mad about Craft said...

Summer is hiding under it's duvet!!!

No! no L plates, take the B"£$%^& by surprise and take their legs off at the knees!!!!!