Monday, 16 June 2008

Here they are

I wasn't teasing you - honestly. Well maybe just a little bit. It was one of those times when I had so many things to say so I went eanie, meanie, mynie, mo as to which came on the blog first.

The wool stall called to me as you can see. There is of course the usual purple/lilac theme going on here. The chunky wool which has the lovely purples and greens is James C Brett ( also available at Readicut I believe) which was a snip at £2.99 for each 200gram ball. The lilac is the same brand but is double knit and cost me £1.50 a ball. This stall also has bargain bags of wool stacked at the front and it is like pot luck as to what is on offer when you go. They are seconds or discontinued colours of well known brands sold with a plain white wrapper. They had loads of gorgeous colours in this Silky Look double knit (I don't think it's Sirdar as theirs has more of a texture to it and this is smooth) and I wish I could have bought more but luckily this is a cash only stall and so I was limited by what I had in my purse at the time. The siren call is calling me back though before this batch gets sold. They had another bag in baby pastel shades that caught my eye as well as one in just shades of lilac without the blue. £5,99 a bag is hard to resist. They had some other wonderful double knit (100 gram balls) in multi colours for £15 a bag but I resisted even though the colours were equally as gorgeous.

I think I will use the pale lilac and blue random for the Blue Curacao shawl when my Amazing Lace book arrives from Amazon. The delivery date is not until the 20th but I did get an e mail over the weekend saying it is in the post so I hope I get it before then.

My finger end is healing nicely. I had taken off the padding but the skin flap opened up again so it's once again back under Elastoplast. I have what my mother used to call "Good healing flesh" and things that look awful one day can almost disappear the next. When I had my carpal tunnel op I think they took the stitches out too soon and my palm was a real mess. I dressed it with honey dressings and although it was very sticky it healed in 2 days and now no-one can see the scar unless I point it out to them. When I went back for a follow up at the hospital they were congratulating themselves on how well it had healed. I told them no I can show you the photos of how you left it, it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with honey. My family thought I was mad at the time but I had looked up on the net for the best way to heal an open operation wound. It was supposed to be Manuka honey as that is the purest but I only had ordinary honey and that worked just as well. If it was good enough for the Pharaohs it was good enough for me.

I have my shorts on and may risk a bit of crochet in the garden. I have yet another MRI scan tonight. My niece is able to take me as it is at 7pm and she will be home from work by then. This is one of the times when I miss not having a car anymore. I hate having to ask people for things. My nature is to be independent but in all reality I just cannot afford to keep a car on the road anymore for the odd occasion that I need it.


Zuleika said...

I love that yarn!! It's soooo pretty! I'd be jealous if I wasn't happy for you. :-)

I was reading about the benefits of manuka honey last week and made a sugar scrub with it. I plan on keeping it around for medicinal reasons as well as sweetening my tea. :-)
I'm glad you're finger is doing better. Did you put honey on that too?

Ree said...

Gorgeous colours in those balls of wool. I can see how that purchase would have been hard to resist.
There's something new I've learnt today about honey helping to heal wounds.
Hope your finger is improving with the honey treatment.

ambermoggie said...

fabulous colours Jan are you sure you need them:)) they would live well here(GG)
Honey is a marvellous cure all, I've used it for wounds and for sore throats, upset stomachs etc.
Good luck with the scan

June said...

I really like the sound of that market stall and wish we had one like it here. Those colours are gorgeous and no wonder you find it hard to resist, but at those prices, who could? Looking forward to seeing what you make with it.

Mad about Craft said...

I can see I am going to have to have a trip to Bury market if you can get yarn like that!!

Christy said...

I hate to ask but what's a honey pack?

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Christy - In my case a honey pack was merely smearing honey onto a dressing and taping it onto my operation site. It was very sticky as the honey does tend to ooze out but it did the trick and there is barely a scar.