Sunday, 8 June 2008

It's a gorgeous day

I woke up to lovely sunshine today.I love the sunshine and the warmer weather when I can put my shorts and a vest on. Yesterday the weather got better towards the end of the day and I did a small bit of weeding in my front garden and trimmed the small tree that is really supposed to be a neat bush which was blocking Buster's view of the world. I hope he appreciates my hard work. It could do with a bit more trimmed off it so maybe later when I come back from Buster's walk I will attack it again with the shears.

I decided to wash the throws and cushions (yet again) and spend some time in the garden knitting Vicky's socks. I had to give up after a few rows as my needles and wool were sticking to my fingers. I am valiantly trying to make the second sock a match to the first hence all the small balls in the photo. I unravelled yards and yards trying to find the same colour sequence, thought I had done it but it still isn't quite the same. Ah well.

I crocheted another ball into Jewel last night but could not take it into the garden today as it is like wearing a lap rug and I was hot enough without trying to crochet. I gave up in the end and put the fan on and went to clean the lounge. I will never top up my tan this way! As you can see I still have a way to crochet on the sleeves and a bit more on the length.

Buster was also too hot but still wanted to play ball. The first photo I took of him isn't particularly good but I included it because of the shadow. After I looked at the photos after uploading them I went back outside and tried to see what it was that was making the shadow and couldn't see anything. Perhaps it is the camera hog Buster saying this is me follow the arrow!

Off to take Buster for his walk now it has cooled down a touch. He will insist on chasing sticks so I don't like to take him out in the heat of the day as like me he is not as young as he used to be and gets too hot and bothered. It is shady in the woods so that does help to keep him cool.


Zuleika said...

Wow you are one quick knitter! The sock looks great!
With the fantastic weather today, just looking at that top makes me feel hot. I'm surprised you were able to do anything! It's looking good though. :-)

knitting dragonfly said...

Everything is looking lovely. And of course Buster is looking grand.